Why do cops carry 2 gallons of Coke?

Answer (according to a ridiculous email I got forwarded to me):

Now, I’d love to send a reply along the lines of “Well, according to the national director of highway patrol blood-removal, this is a load of crap.” That’s where, in my view, the SDMB comes in.

Anyone out there who can de-bunk this presumed bunk???

Snopes debunks the entire email. I think the burden of proof lies on the author of this stupid list. Hell even just identifying one of the “many states” whose highway patrol carries Coke in their trunks would be useful.

Personally, I can’t see Ponch and Jon keeping soda in their holsters.

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Try Snopes.


Dang, he beat me to the punch. If you ever get a UL email like that, http://www.snopes.com will likely prove or debunk it. We all rely for all of our stupid-UL needs :).

(a) Thanks for the quick reply, I did the right thing by searching on “coke” before posting this question but I was ignorant of the “snopes” site… I’ll check there in the future to avoid wasting valuable SD cycles.

(b) Dammit, I wish I titled this thread “CHiPs and Coke”… oh well.