Why do dogs eat grass?

My dog eats grass sometimes… then pukes it up… but i’ve known a lot of dogs that eat grass… what’s the deal?

Well, my dog eats grass sometimes, but not often. Don’t know why he does it, he’s never thrown up after. He doesn’t eat a whole lot though. Just enough to taste it I think.

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Don’t think anyone really knows though…

Our cat eats grass, too. Never throws up…just munches for a little bit.

I had an outdoor dog that ate grass alot, but she also ate horse manure, so who knows. She would usually throw up after. It was probably meant to cause just that (she didn’t eat the best dog food, if she ate it at all).

I’ve always heard that dogs do it for the same reason large predators do it in the wild- its the tiger equivalent of sticking a finger down your throat when you’ve eaten something that disagrees with you.

So they can blow their beets.