Why do dogs howl when they hear sirens?

Are they joining in with the pack, or do their ears hurt? Apologies if this has been addressed in Cecil’s column; I searched several ways and found nothing, possibly because it’s a ‘duh’ answer, but obviously not all dogs join in, which makes me wonder why those who do, do?

They think it’s other dogs howling and they are joining in.

Not all dogs do it, though. I had one stupid dog who would always howl with the fire engines. I swear the smart dog rolled his eyes when she did it.

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I too would suggest this thread.

I would add that we once had a dog that would howl on queue, we would look up and point a finger the dog would start howling.

In our neighborhood there is a dog that only howls when another dog about a block away is howling.

My schnauzer mix howls with sirens, but does not howl along with other dogs, oddly. Something just isn’t wired right in her little brain.

About 10 years or so ago the windows in my house where open when an ambulance went by with it’s siren on. My Schnauzer let out a howl/warble sort of sound and we all kind of laughed but ended up dismissing it as a fluke since it never happened again. A few weeks later someone was playing the flute and she immediately came running in and not only started ‘singing’ but if the flautist held a note the dog would sort of attempt to match it, or at least raise or lower the pitch of her howl along with the note. Now that I know how to get her started it’s fun to do. It doesn’t require a flute or siren but just the willingness to sit there and make a high pitched noise for about 30 seconds to get her started then she’ll play along. Oddly though, the other dog just sits there and ignores us.

Lol, nice! Well, good to know it’s not out of pain; I had to ask because there’s this one dog a few doors down that howls in what sounds like serious PAIN whenever there are sirens. I’m sure it’s just her <or his> particular way of howling, but holy crap it sounds like it hurts.
Nice to know it’s just sociability…or entertainment…or general doggy goofiness. :stuck_out_tongue: