Why Do GOP Politicians (but not voters) Hate Ted Cruz?

It seems like GOP politicians personally dislike Ted Cruz, even tho he’s consistently on their side on most issues. The most notable example being George W. Bush, who said “I don’t like that guy.” Yet Cruz is with establishment Republicans on abortion (and PP), gay marriage, most economic issues, and Obamacare. He’s not like Donald Trump, but pretty doctrinaire. Yet Cruz is in second place for the nomination, and is the only non-Trump consistently winning states.

He’s been running for president before even taking his senate seat. He caused a no vote on the UN treaty on disabilities, against the wishes of Bob Dole. He called Mitch McConnell a liar on the senate floor. He was behind the ill advised government shut down which temporarily hurt the Republicans.

Cruz is not a team player. As a new Senator, he immediately began running for President, not learning how to work with his colleagues.

The Atlantic explains:

There’s much more in the article.

Cruz thinks the GOP doesn’t fight hard enough against Obama and the Democrats. He thinks all they do is offer token resistance for a few weeks or months and then cave in to the Democrats.

I recall reading that Cruz’ college roommate says, "Everybody hates him. That’s his superpower."

His name is Craig Mazin, and he’s given interviews and has tweeted extensively about how much he and everyone hated Cruz. It’s pretty hilarious.

I’ve heard that a lot of big politicians are super charming, and that’s part of the reason they got so far. I’ve heard it said about Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, that no matter what you think of their policies, when you are in the room with them you can’t help but like them. They are just likable. Cruz is basically the exact opposite.

The hard core base likes his absolute unwillingness to compromise. They are that certain that they are 100% right and everyone else is wrong.

Lower level politicians tend to be gregarious as well. They are coalition leaders and do a lot of glad-handling. Interestingly, introverts can also do well, but they need to work hard at it: Nixon is a classic example.

Mazin’s twitter feed is worth visiting: he is a funny writer.

To answer the OP: GOP politicians hate Cruz because they know Cruz. The guy lacks social intelligence. Josh Marshall notes that all throughout his life, folks around him thought he was an asshole (to be fair, a very smart asshole). Even in Harvard Law School, a place renowned for assholes. These aren’t just empty assessments: they are backed up by odd stories: Me & Ted - TPM – Talking Points Memo

Because they know him personally.

Interesting article, and points out that politicians don’t just dislike him because of his anti-charisma: