Why do humans sigh?

idk but if you would like more feed back on it, your question would be better on the main forum.

Your fish sigh?!! :confused: Please explain how you can tell?!

OTOH, my cats sigh quite a lot. Which is ironic considering they have no concerns at all other than which stair to sleep on in order to cause maximum danger…

Yeah, I wanna know about the fish sighing too.

My cat sighs a lot whenever he’s frustrated with me. Usually, it’s because his food bowl has been empty for maybe 30 minutes and he’s annoyed I haven’t leapt up to refill it. Despite the fact that he weighs over twenty freakin’ pounds and is obviously not gonna starve to death in any time period shorter than a month. (OK, got kinda derailed into an OT rant about my cat)

Hmmm, now I’m thinking about the differences between yawning and sighing. Seems like they both accomplish the same thing, a large intake of oxygen, but occur for different reasons and in different ways. With a sigh, I inhale through my nose and then forcibly exhale. With a yawn, I forcibly inhale through the mouth and slowly exhale…

Yep - a number of years ago, while tagging Loggerhead sea turtles off the coast of Georgia, I saw big females sigh while laying eggs. They’d drag themselves out of the water and up to a nesting spot on the beach and after digging a hole, lay upwards of 100 eggs. At times, during this effort, they’d respire in a way that can only be called a sigh. Made a very moving experience even more so. xo C.