Why do I always feel randy after nocturnal emissions?

He tells me to leave him alone and let him sleep, but I just can’t help myself.

Or, as the Bard has it, “a little touch of Harry in the night”. (Henry V, Act IV, Prologue)


I have no idea just google. Where I saw this article which looks like it is “scientific” (making fun of myself/ignorance) - wanted to bump this because I have no idea. I think it is GQ because googling the book will give quite a few hits - apparently it was a sensation for a while (and from what I saw undiscredited)


*For most Japanese, divorce is generally seen as something that was historically rare, mainly initiated by men, and today’s high rates are considered to be an aberration that goes against “traditional Japanese values.” In reality, a hundred years ago Japan had one of the highest divorce rates on the planet and martial break-up was commonplace. Many are unaware of these facts and in some cases unwilling to accept them.

The invented tradition of a centuries-old low divorce culture is something the state and conservative politicians have long promoted, deeply ingraining the concept in the national psyche. Even though the country’s present divorce rate is very near the European average, many Japanese are convinced it remains low by international standards. While some of this can be attributed to frequent comparisons with the United States, which has an abnormally high divorce rate, an idealized version of the past is the main culprit.*

This thread makes my head hurt. Is Randy the OP’s partner, or his penis? What does the divorce rate in Japan have to do with nocturnal emissions?

I feel high or something.

jimmmy, were you trying to reply to this thread?

Neither, I presume. “Randy” is, in this context, an adjective meaning “horny”. I think it might be a British usage.

If I were to take a guess, I’d say that the OP has cause and effect reversed. He has the nocturnal emission because he’s horny, not vice-versa.

Well when I wake up after I’ve had a wet dream, I always feel horny and have to go rub one out. It doesn’t seem logical to me because overnight my loins have already flushed out their system, right? Why would I need to do it again?

To the confuzzled and bamboozled, the actual question was in the title. The post itself is to be ignored, as it is simply a bad pun. (Yeesh…and I thought you guys were supposed to be smart. :wink: )

Well, I got the pun, anyway…the Japanese divorce thing is what threw me. :wink:

I think that many members (no pun intended) of the SDMB are, in fact, quite bright. You have not as yet shown such proclivity. Be careful who you insult. Remember, you are, as of now, a guest here. As far as I can see, and I’ve looked quite carefully, there is no pun in your post, despite your assertion. There could be one in your thread title, but you have not claimed that. As to your querry, it is possible that the relatively instinctual activities that your body has undergone - notcurnal emission - has been accompanied by a slight increase in the serum level of your testosterone, raising your level of interest in sexual activity. Remember that a nocturnal emission is not, in itself, a sexual activity for the individual usually. It is seldom accompanied, for instance, by an erotic dream. However, it does often activate the associated systems that are involved in the sexual act and you may have this nocturnal emission close enough to the morning hours that the hormonal levels are high enough when you wake up that you are then aroused and interested in sex.

The “wink” smiley means I was pulling Susie Derkin’s leg. She got it, so chill.

The pun is that “randy” can mean sexually arroused but the post itself suggests it’s the name of a bed-mate.

Thank you for the answer. In the future I’ll try not to be as friendly, as it seems to upset those who require you to prove yourself before you can have fun here. My apologies.

Oh wait, now I see what you’re saying about the pun.

A pun is the humorous use of a word in such a way as to suggest two or more of its meanings, not necessarily the word itself. The title itself is not a pun. The title coupled with the post itself is what makes it a pun.

Sometimes I go to Disneyland and feel Goofy.

Since the OP is clearly not looking for a factual answer, I’m closing this thread.

Golden Horacio, I notice you’re new here. Please take a moment to read the forum descriptions. The description for GQ is: “Got a factual question for the Teeming Millions (and possibly Cecil) to consider? Post it here.” This is why our users were not expecting a pun; this isn’t the right forum for it.