Why do I always get itchy when I roll in the grass?

After I play around with my friends playing a game and I roll in the grass I get itchy!

Um…your allergic to grass. Grass pokes you, you have an allergic reaction.

This seems like an incomplete answer. I, too, used to itch like crazy when I used to roll around, all sweaty, in the grass. As I grew older and did that less, I never had any other allergic symptoms when I was around grass. I used to mow lawns. I’ve studied prairies over the years. I’ve been around many different types of grasses, and never noticed any particular allergic type reaction to them. I wonder if we’ll get a different response or a more complete answer in time. I’ll be watching.

It’s not allergies, it’s that you’ve given yourself many tiny cuts. Blades of grass can be sharp!

Or, OP’s talking about the other grass (so a different kind of reaction altogether) and we’re being whooshed.

Tiny cuts. Or at least, that’s what I’ve always assumed. If you rub your finger on the edge of a blade of grass, it’s quite sharp, and in some cases serrated. When you roll around, you get jillions of little cuts in the surface of your skin.

That’s my WAG.

Argh! If I hadn’t stopped to look up the spelling of “serrated”, I’d have beat that pesky Jake4. :slight_smile:

I always figured it was a combination of tiny cuts plus some sort of chemical in the grass.

Turf experts, please help!

I always thought it was tiny cuts plus sweat, actually - because sometimes it’s quite painful and irritated. I may well be wrong, however.

I can attest to the fact that I got itchy from rolling in the grass in a lawn that had no chemicals on it, in an era before lawn chemicals. There was another yard in another town, still before lawn chemicals, where I rolled around and didn’t get as itchy. Maybe it was the type of grass. Maybe it was the lack of things like chiggers or other little bugs that live in the grass. I don’t know. It’s just that the chemicals thing is not a requirement since I had experiences with itching when I know the chemicals weren’t a factor.

If your’re getting tiny red spots it’s probably chiggers causing the problem. Also there are many thing in the grass we probably don’t know about and don’t want to know about that bite you. Ants and spiders come to mind.

I always thought it was chiggers, too. Amongst the chief weapons of grass are chiggers, tiny cuts, allergens, lawn chemicals, and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope.

I expected the Spanish Inquisition.

Sorry - I meant a natural chemical released by the bent or crushed grass. “Grass juice.” Grass cut by a lawnmower smells very sour, after all.

In that case, I can support the idea that “grass juice” might be a strong contributing factor. On the other hand, the grass I did most of my rolling around in probably hadn’t been recently cut. I’m thinking autumn football weather or wrestling maybe. My vote is still heavy on the bugs angle.

Thanks for clarifying the chemicals thing, though. I remember the beginning of Chlordane use at our house and that stuff would gag a maggot. I guess that was part of the idea.

Another vote for “the grass is cutting you”. I used to get that badly enough to end up with little line-scabs all over my arms and legs.

Can’t sleep. Grass will cut me.
…Sort of lacks that certain jenny say craw, don’t it?

I don’t know about you, but every time I roll in the grass with my girlfriend I get hungry and want a cigarette.

Oh, wait…