Why do I feel out of it, even a little sickly, after ejaculation? (poss. TMI)

It seems to me that when I, um, release semen, for the rest of that day, and the following day to a lesser extent, I feel somewhat weak both mentally and emotionally. I first noticed this in high school, when I tried to get back into reading after not having done it regularly since before I discovered masturbation. It seemed that the day or two after doing it, my mind felt somewhat slow, and it was harder to absorb and remember what I was reading and to keep my mind on it. I soon noticed the physical effects as well; I remember one day I got, well, carried away before school, and in 1st period gym, we were playing softball and I actually found it harder to catch the ball. It was as though my dexterity was decreased and I was extra tired.

I’ve noticed this more recently as I’ve taken up distance running–if I don’t abstain for at least a full day, my endurance and energy is greatly diminished and I can’t run nearly as far.

I remember being frustrated when I was younger because it seemed that masturbation could be bad for me, but when I tried to find information, all the sources I could find were bent on reassuring teens that there are no ill effects to it and they can’t hurt themselves by doing it. Even now, I can’t find anything that describes what I’m talking about. I’ve found some websites that state that the hormones produced during orgasm can make one feel tired after sex, but that’s immediately after sex; I’m talking about an effect that lasts up to 48 hours. Yet people must be familiar with this concept–coaches have famously long forbidden their players from contact with girls in times leading up to important games. What gives?

As a physician, my first thoughts are that your fatigue is probably not related to your masturbation. Studies seem to show that sexual activity does not harm athletic performance, as Casey Stengel said, “it isn’t sex that ruins the athletes, it’s staying up all night looking for it”. Fatigue can be related to stress, environment, depression, anemia, hypothyroidism, lack of food (eat a good breakfast every day), lack of sleep, lack of social supports, overwork, repetitive work and umpteen other conditions. It is not unusual for patients to inappropriately blame a problem on the wrong condition – perhaps 5% of people who claim food allergies (apart from seafood and nuts) actually have them, for example.

If you are convinced your fatigue and masturbation are linked, this could conceivably be related to anxiety or guilt regarding masturbation (depending on your upbringing and environment), depression, lack of sleep (depending when you do it), etc. Masturbation burns few calories and while semen contains sugar, the amounts are to small to make your blood sugar low. Don’t blame your straw man.

I was just reading the noval “Infinite Jest” by David Foster Wallace, and he mentions this condition (which he may have made up, but mostly he doesn’t make up these things…) called Post-Coital Vestibulitis, which has the symptoms you described. But you’d have to check and see if it’s a real thing.

My understanding is that post-coital vestibulitis usually presents with pain and irritation, not fatigue or dizziness. Maybe your masturbation routines are too vigorous (lose the Batman costume, cage of wild ferrets, etc.)

Dr. Paprika is my new favorite Doper name.

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I remember reading that after ejaculation your brain secretes chemicals that make you sleepy. This is a throwback from the caveman days so you could recover, and hump again to help spread your seed.

how appropriate!