Why Do Little Girls SCREECH So Much?

For the last three days I’ve been going to the park to read. I figure winter will be here soon enough, I better enjoy the last few days I can.

Anyway I go for about an hour or so and I notice all the kids playing.

I never really noticed before, but all the little girls in the park, were screeching CONSTANTLY

It was like they running amok yelling “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE”


Now I’m not complaining 'cause they are in the park and that’s what kids are supposed to do. And it’s certainly better than them being at home watching TV or on the Internet.

But I noticed, they boys were not screeching. Only the girls.

And it was every day, and it didn’t matter if the girls were together or playing alone. Even the ones playing alone were screeching as the slid down the slide

I was just wondering why the difference? I don’t have kids but the boys didn’t screech. The girl’s seemed to be doing, well just because it looked like a lot of fun.

The kids were all like from I’d say 4 - 8 years old

They’re in training to be rock band groupies. :smiley:

It’s just not little girls. I coach high school cross country. On a recent trip to a meet, I had 5 of the girls in my van when they found some reason to screech. 5 teen girls, with great lung capacity, full volume in a small enclosed space. Oy.
I have no idea why.

It’s not just Little Girls.
It’s not just Teen Girls.

In our lunchroom, we have a gaggle of 40-50 somethings that, every 45 seconds, SCREECH together in unison over something they find hilarious.

And then 5 seconds later they all look as sober as judges. I’ve listened in on the conversations and believe me, there is nothing screech-worthy being said.

Aversion therapy contraception.

I have two young daughters with no intentions of having anymore children. I try everyday to break them of that and I have had some success but it certainly isn’t a total success. Most oldest is a 6 year old and when I take her places that require little little noise like museums, she still has a hard time and I have to pull the reigns in many times a visit. I think that they are just hard-wired that way. I never wanted a son but both men and women have told me that boys are much easier to raise if consider things like this to be important.

When I take their pictures running rapids the Scrreeeech can be mind blowing. I’ve actually installed noise canceling headphones on my lens to keep the glass intact.

Seriously, I have noticed that they tend to look around at each other when they do this. (As opposed to the giant wave that’s about to flip their raft Carnage!:D) I’m guessing it’s a bonding, shared experience.

Ugh-little girls shrieking. Pet peeve.
My mother taught all 4 of her girls to not screech or scream. I taught my daughter the same. I cannot stand it. There is no reason for constant shrieking. But then, I never understand girls who scream at spiders etc. It’s a way to garner attention and makes the girl look silly–not the kind of attention I ever wanted.

I dunno that it’s so hard to teach: I just told my daughter (again and again) to use her “inside voice” and to not be loud in public places (museums etc–playground is different). I also taught my sons that. I don’t like loud children in public.
I doubt it’s hardwired. I think it’s reinforced from toddling age on up. To see a grown woman shriek at a spider makes me think less of that woman. I don’t like snakes or many bugs, either, but there’s no need to have a mini psycho drama about it.

I sound more priggish than intended-sorry.

Shag-I have heard that too, and it is anther pet peeve of mine. Boys are not easier to raise than girls–they have different issues. Boys whine just as much as girls do (at least mine did). They cry. They can be vindictive (to an extent and this does seem to stop about age 6 or so). While teen girls will not stop talking about the Drama of the Week, teen boys clam up and never say a word. This can be even more difficult to deal with, since at least with DotW, you have some clue as to what is happening. IOW, they are both tiresome, each in their own way.

I have a partial hearing loss and it has been that way since I was about 2 so I blame any and all overly volumous screeching on that. I can’t explain the other girls and women though. :smiley:

Honestly I think it is because girls communicate with sound. Boys tend to communicate visually. This is why when you see two girls walking towards one another they have to yell out, “Hi! I love your dress!” or whatever. When you see two boys walking towards each other they do that upwards head nod to acknowledge the other one and often don’t say anything at all.

And people who have boys tell me they’re far more rambunctious and destructive. Personally, I’ll take a screech over actually breaking stuff. :slight_smile:

Obviously, little kids should be taught the value of inside voices, but some happy squealing from time to time is a nice sound.

I recently was on a 9.5-hour flight from Barcelona to Newark. The family in front of me included a little girl who never stopped screeching, for the entire flight. Her big brother, in the seat directly in front of mine, passed the time playing video games, and his seat (and my meal tray) never stopped jerking around. The parents were oblivious to people’s complaints.

I told them their kids should be featured in a birth-control commercial.

QFT. I once had to pretend to kill a spider to make my sister stop having a meltdown. She’s three years older than me. She’s also a big lover of making high-pitched noises. I’ll admit I occasionally squee but it takes a lot and it’s usually not that loud.

Not all little girls screech (obviously, right?) but it’s the worst. Thank you to all the parents who’ve said they discourage it.

Well I have been to places like the library where little girls the same age as those in the park, sit quietly and behave, so it’s not that little girls HAVE to screech, they can behave.

It just seemed odd as I watched them in the park, where screeching is perfectly fine, that the girls and boys were both running around all amok but the boys seemed much quieter.

For instance the boy is on the slide and slides down, but all the little girls screech “eeeeee” as they slid down and “eeeeee” as they ran around to climb up again.

I was thinking maybe it’s an outward expression of joy? 'Cause certainly all those little girls were having a ball. I was jealous, I can’t rmember the last time I thought ANYTHING was that fun.

My wife and I were out for a walk this morning and there were two little girls riding their bikes down the sidewalk and screeching at the top of their lungs. So, playing along, I screeched at them as they rode past. My wife looked at me disapprovingly and said “You know, you really don’t need to encourage that.”

The man probably tried to write you a note asking you to kill him, but his wife stopped him. :wink:
Small children should be forcibly sedated on airplane flights. No, I’m not kidding (much).

I like your wife.

I squee upon occasion as well–life is not worth living without an occasional squee, but there are girls who tend to over-squee. Given their higher pitched voices, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did cause hearing loss in dogs and humans. :slight_smile:

There’s a [del]brat[/del] little girl who lives around the block from us and in early spring (before the trees have leafed), I can hear her loud and clear for however many hours she’s outside. I’m not anti-gun, but I do fantasize about getting a high powered rifle and just… scaring her. Heheheheehhehehehe. “Just kidding.”

Ugh. It’s not just little girls anymore. Little boys do it too, now. They didn’t when I was a child, but modern boys do it. I hate attending family reunions now because my cousins had children. There are two girls and two boys under age 7, and they all shriek non-stop. I live across the street from a park. A pack of little boys and girls are over there shrieking right now.

The neighbors across from us and down a couple of houses have three girls, two of which are twins. They screech and scream fairly often. It’s bad when we can hear them upstairs in our bedroom (back of the house).

It’s very irritating. I’m sure their parents tell them to stop fairly often (they are nice, responsible parents), but they must get tired of telling them to be quiet. At least, I like to think so. We can’t be the only ones in the neighborhood who are irritated by this - I’m sure the family directly across from them is less than thrilled.

When our daughter used to do that I would tell her to knock it off. If she wouldn’t she would have to come into the house. That broke her of the habit but she always saw it as unfair because the other kids would continue to scream, while she would get in trouble. I’m just mean that way.

Like this?

And we thought it was just us.
Neighbors have three kids. One is a baby and doesn’t count in this story, but the other two are a boy and a girl. The girl never shuts the fuck up…constantly screeching from the minute she gets outside until they bring her back in the house. She screeches when she is having fun, when she sees a spider, when a bird flies by, when the sun shines…the boy, on the other hand, has only let out a yell once when he fell and scratched his knee.
I thought the girl had some mental problem or something, and then found out this seems to be the norm for little girls. When she has other little girls over for a play date, you would think Freddy Krueger is jumping out from behind trees and chasing them.

Sugar and spice my ass…that little terror sounds like a hysterical chimpanzee on steroids - and that is on a good day.

I beg to differ. More like a coked up Howler Monkey. :wink: