Why do many people repeat the urban legend myth that Hitler was part Jewish?

It seems this is repeated all over the internet, do people really believe rumours over truth?

The third possibility is that Adolf Hitler’s grandfather was Jewish. Rumours to that effect circulated in Munich cafes in the early 1920s, and were fostered by sensationalist journalism of the foreign press during the 1930s. It was suggested that the name Huttler' was Jewish, revealed’ that he could be traced to a Jewish family called Hitler in Bucharest, and even claimed that his father had been sired by Baron Rothschild, in whose house in Vienna his grandmother had allegedly spent some time as a servant. But the most serious speculation about Hitler’s supposed Jewish background has occurred since the Second World War, and is directly traceable to the memoirs of the leading Nazi lawyer and Governor General of Poland, Hans Frank, dictated in his Nuremberg cell while awaiting the hangman.
So no Hitler wasn’t Jewish, he was a full blooded Austrian!
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Hitler had genes that implied he could be Jewish or African.


I want to see how this thread turns out.

I see. There are no Jewish Austrians. So Hitler couldn’t be Jewish. Well there’s no arguing with logic.

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Um… thanks for history lesson, mister…(“GermanicPride” is it?). :dubious:

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This is like arguing if a turd contains corn and peanuts, or just corn. It is a turd no matter the contents.

“This data clearly show that just because one person belongs to the branch of the Ychromosome referred to as haplogroup E1b1b, that does not mean the person is likely to be of Jewish ancestry,” said Professor Hammer.

Mulders confirmed the misinterpretation of his account with the following statement to haplogroup E1b1b, that does not mean the person is likely to
be of Jewish ancestry,” said Professor Hammer.

Family Tree DNA: “I never wrote that Hitler was a Jew, or that he had a Jewish grandfather. I only wrote that Hitler’s haplogroup is E1b1b, being more common among Berbers, Somalian people and Jews than among overall Germans. This, in order to convey that he was not exactly what during the Third Reich would have been called ‘Aryan.’ All the rest are speculations of journalists who didn’t even take the trouble to read my article.

Knack is a weekly Belgian news-magazine published by the Roularta Media Group. The results of the study are inconclusive until further verification by a scientific source.

The descendant accordingly a relative to Hitler was also a great nephew so he could have gotten the results from the non-Hitler side and the sample was from a napkin from the floor… very reliable. :rolleyes:

Propaganda, no evidence. :smack:

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I know. Hitler’s been so unfairly maligned by these false claims about his Jewish ancestry and lack of a testicle. I mean, take those away, and what are you left with to complain about?

All the other rubbish myths, rumours about him.

I haven’t heard those. Can you share some other rumors or myths about him?

I thought it was assumed to be true because most paper hangers were jewish.

It’s not going to work, dude. Germans have no sense of humor.

Only Austrians do. That’s how you can tell them apart.

Did Hitler have a sense of humour?

Yes, but it was only seasonal. In the Springtime.