Why do Mestizos in the US say 'holmes' when it isn't Spanish?

I notice that (at least in the past) the big slang by US hispanics, especially Mestizos, was to say “Holmes” or “What up Holmes”.

Since Holmes is an English name, what is the connection?

Never understood that.

I always thought it was “homes,” short for “homeboy.”

Not Holmes. Homes. Homeboy.

I’m pretty sure that word travelled:

Black man: Homeboy ->
-> Black man: homes ->
white man: homes | hispanic man: homes
SDMB poster: Holmes

Wassup Holmes

“Holmes” means “homeboy” which means “hombre” which means “man”.

AFAIK, ‘homeboy’ <> ‘hombre’. Homeboy is someone from your ‘home’ (neighbourhood or gang).

I always understood to be a sort of triple-pun. A homeboy is an hombre, i.e. a boy, from your home.

That was too funny for words!

Also, didn’t the term “homeboy” originally refer to a (US) military man who was stationed in his home state?