Why do mountain goats climb mountains?

What they get from this?

The view is nice.

Once, I saw a documentary that showed how they escape predators that way.

They are successfully exploiting an otherwise unexploited niche. It is an environment that offers a balance (ha!) of food and protection.

They don’t consciously try to “get” anything from it other than an opportunity to thrive and survive.

I always tried (without much success) to convince my children that they have two legs on one side shorter than on the other. This meaning that they always had to go one way round the mountain.

Because they are there. (The mountains, not the goats. Well, the goats too I guess.)

Because if they didn’t climb mountains, we wouldn’t have named them mountain goats.

(I think Novelty Bobble gave you the good answer, so it’s time for the baaad ones.)

But still it seems like they trying to climb the steepest slopes and make the hardest jumps. Can’t they just find easier ways? I don’t think they are very busy and don’t have time…

No, those are just the one showing off for YouTube videos and nature documentaries. Your average Mountain Goat is just trying to find some forage.

And the things most likely to eat Mountain Goats have not yet learned how to climb as well as they can.

You and my father both. Is this one of the things they teach you in Dad School?

seriously, i don’t care how much they like salt, but climbing the steep walls of a dam is just showing off.

They don’t like the tourists that inhabit the easier ways. Or maybe they’re just trying to impress the tourists with their advanced climbing abilities. :confused: They probably just want to avoid the predators that are going the easier ways because they can’t outrun them.

they are snooty.

The ones that stick to the easier ways are the ones that are more likely to become carnivore food.

You’re not kidding (I assume this is what you were referring to).

Q: Why do mountain goats climb mountains?
A: To get to the other side.

<insert drum riff here>

Thank you, thank you… remember to tip your servers.
And try the veal.

That’s the Sidehill Gouger, or Sidehill Dodger, not the mountain goat.

The special was going to be goat curry but we couldn’t catch the blighters.

You will understand goats when you look deep into their eyes…

They do what they do because they are from ‘out there.’

Just look at their eyes…

Because it’s there.

What I’ve always wanted to know (seriously) is if they ever biff it. Are there piles of goat mush at the bottoms of 1000-foot alpine cliffs? If so, how often does it happen? Has anybody ever been killed by falling goat?