Why Do Muslim Fundies Hate Mayo?

Really? :slight_smile:

Part of the issue is many Muslim in the middle east acutall believe, I mean truly believe in conspiracy by American interests.

It would do no good to point out the ingredients to them because regardless they are convinced that Americans would lie in order to subert Muslim interests.

And the sad part is the people really believe in the conspiracies.

It was a newspaper article Harry Shearer read on Le Show. I didn’t catch his exact source, so I can’t say any more than that.

Since someone else brought it up… ;j
I was given to understand that Muslims could obey their dietary laws by eating food marked Kosher. (Disaster relief supplies, for example) Perhaps I was misinformed.

You were.

Although I’m pretty sure the halal rules have exceptions for disasters, just like the kosher rules do- if there were a disaster, and all that was available to eat in the relief supplies was pork, Jewish law would not only say it was OK to eat the pork, it would say we had to eat the pork if the alternative was starving to death. I don’t know for sure, but I believe the rules of halal have a similar exemption if your life is at stake.

Some differences:

Alcoholic beverages can be kosher, but they can’t be halal.

The rules of halal don’t prohibit mixing meat and dairy, but the rules of kosher do.

For meat to be halal, a blessing invoking the name of Allah has to be said over it. Obviously, this isn’t required for kosher slaughtering (I don’t think any blessing is required for that).

For the sake of arguement, could eat non meat non alcohol Kosher and obey halal ?

I’m fairly sure that can’t be completely true - maybe it’s preferable, or maybe there’s a specific rule that meat slaughtered according to Jewish tradition (which, after all, is done in the name of the same big sky dude, even if no particular prayer is uttered) is okay. But I’m fairly sure that I’ve read that Muslims in parts of the U.S. tend to frequent kosher butchers because they consider kosher meat halal and other meat available in the U.S. to be haram.

I believe that actually, there are disputes about whether or not kosher food is allowable for a muslim. I certainly read disagreeing positions. I also once heard the rector of the Great mosque of Paris discussing this issue in lenght (half an hour or so) late at night on TV and though I don’t remember much about what he said, he didn’t have much of an issue with muslims eating kosher food. And not solely in “last resort”. But then again, I believe he’s pretty liberal.

Islamic doctine holds that Mayo-naize is neither an officer nor a gentleman.

Much worse than Sinko de Mayo.

I don’t get it.
Don’t tell me.
I am happily ignorant.

Richard Gere’s character in “An Officer and A Gentleman” had the last name Mayo. His drill sargeant called him “Mayo-naize” to taunt him.

And this applies to Islam because…

There should be no dispute about it at all. The Qur’an, 5th Surah, 5th verse provides that the food of the People of the Book is lawful to Muslims. While it’s obvious that alcohol is permitted for Jews, it’s still prohibited for Muslims. What is permitted is that, if one can’t find halal food, one can avail oneself of the subset of Kosher food that is not haram.

Tuckerfan writes:

> It was a newspaper article Harry Shearer read on Le Show.

You know, we’re doing a lot of speculation based on an article that might have been a hoax, or that Shearer may have misunderstood, or that Tuckerfan might have misheard. That some mayonnaise is unacceptable to some Muslims has been sufficiently demonstrated at this point. I don’t see anything that anyone has posted in this thread that actually proves that any Muslims have ever threaten to kill people who buy mayonnaise. Does anyone have any actual proof that any Muslim has ever made this threat? No, not a proof that someone somewhere is crazy enough to make such a claim, but a proof that someone somewhere has made this specific claim.

kimstu pegged the source of the confusion - the assumption that “fatwa” always means ‘death sentence’. This is certainly very far from the truth, especially since death sentences in traditional Islamic law were pronounced by the qadi (judge), not by the mufti (maker of fatwas), whose job was to rule on the halalness of a matter or other such inquiries. The Jewish equivalents of fatawa, answers by a rabbi, are called responsa. Fatawa is the Arabic broken plural of fatwa. Mufti and fatwa are derived from the same Arabic root, ftw ‘to advise’. That’s right, folks, I said FTW

I don’t know that it can be assumed that all the brands of mayonnaise most commonly available in the Islamic world would contain the same list of ingredients as in your jar of Hellman’s.

Of course not. Hellman’s is ambrosia, the creme de la creme (sp) of the condiment world.

Perhaps it was the ham-flavored kind, from kimstu’s link:

That doesn’t seem helpful. “You can eat Jewish food, unless you can’t”? Might as well say “you can eat anything, unless you can’t”. And aren’t Christians “People of the Book”? They eat all sorts of crap :wink: