Why do my eggplant slices flare at the bottom?

I’m trying to make thin, consistent eggplant slices, but no matter how hard I try to keep the knife straight, the slices end up flared at the bottom. I’m confident that this is some common rookie mistake that I’m making, and that someone will know what I’m talking about. Does anyone know how I’m supposed to make straight slices?

Some more ifo, if you please. Is this confined to eggplants? Do you do ok with onions or cheese etc.? Also, what kind of a knife are you using?

As a cook dude, I can tell you that eggplants can be a little tricky because they are usually kind of big and try to roll around a little as you are cutting them. As with many culinary questions, my suspicion is that the answer will be that you have to cut up (and screw up) a lot of eggplants before you get it down.

Eggzackly* what I was gonna say. The result you’re describing is simply a matter of practice.

*Get it?

If you cut a small slice off of the bottom of the eggplant, it will sit still while you slice it, which might help, maybe.

Have you considered using a mandolin or other slicing type instrument? if your slicing lots of eggplants, it can be a significant time saver.

Yes. However, if you do obtain and use such a device for the love of all that is good and pure in the world USE THE HAND GUARD. No, really. The Mandolin, while it has a secondary function of slicing up food, is in truth a fiendish device designed to take huge chunks from your flesh. Treat it like a loaded gun.

I have a mandolin; a very expensive one. It doesn’t work well for eggplant; too styrofoamy, you know? needs a slicing motion I think.