Why do people celebrate Easter Monday?

Why do people celebrate Easter Monday? Is there any particular reason or is it just an excuse to take Monday off? According to my calendar Easter Monday is considered a Holiday in some places.

It’s a long answer.

I don’t know whether it’s an actual holiday in Ireland, but it’s also the traditional time to remember the Easter Uprising of 1916, which eventually led to Ireland’s independence from Britain.

And let us not forget Dyngus Day, the most wonderful of holidays. For the record, Indianapolis does NOT celebrate Dyngus Day, as I have discovered. No one here has heard of it.

The Easter Rising

Yes Easter Monday is a Bank Holiday here in Ireland but it’s not because of the Easter Rising as one of the reasons(not a major one) Easter Monday was chosen was because a lot of the British soldiers would be on leave due to the holiday eg. at the horse races in fairyhouse . Unfortunatly due to mis-communication and inner squables a lot of Irish didn’t turn up either :frowning:

Easter Monday is a British Bank Holiday, except Scotland, aswell (and I doubt they’d be celebrating our fight for self determination :wink: )

The Republic of Ireland was offically established on Easter Monday 1949 BTW. There was a proclamation of Independenceread on the steps of the GPO in 1916 but this wasn’t realised till 1949.

The Rising is remembered by the wearing of a Easter Lilly which is causing slight problems in the Northern Assembly at the momment due to Loyalists saying that it is an insult to them if Nationalists to wear it.

yoji, I don’t know about every year but this Easter Monday was definitely a bank holiday in Scotland.

you need a recovery day from being in church day and night for a week. of course there are services every day during bright week as well so i’m not sure how well the recovery goes.

Are you sure? My nephews from Dundee were expecting to be back at school on that day.


This is where I got my info. about Scotland. Any Scots. out there to verify this?

There better not be any Scots here (see lack of replies to my ScotDope thread :mad:)

However, I was in Scotland this past weekend and just about every Scottish person I talked to had Monday off, so if it wasn’t an “official” holiday it was definitely at least an unofficial one.

… if it wasn’t taking TEN FREAKING MINUTES to load each page today, I would have previewed that …

They’re the best kind :wink: