Why do people have different "sweat spots"?

Why is it that different people have different places on their bodies that they sweat a lot? (Not counting armpits, everyone has sweaty armpits). For instance, my “spigot” is at my sternum. When I’m hot I get positively soaked between my breasts. Other people sweat especially profusely from their backs, or feet, or crotch.

So my question is, why? Are there just more sweat glands in those areas? (Then why would it vary so much between people?) Is it because of clothing styles? (Then why would it be so consistent for individuals?) Is it body shape, maybe?


It’s highly likely your mother suffers from sweaty cleavage too.

Everyone does not have sweaty armpits. I’ve not sweat from there in decades.

I asked her today. She says her sweaty spots are her feet and legs.

I don’t know the mechanism for “sweaty spots”, but it’s normal for people to be different in ways like this.

Just as it is normal that some will like broccoli and some will not. Short, tall, sweaty, dry, it’s all in the mix and so you would expect variation in the population.

You’re an example of how evolution works.

But what causes those differences? Distribution of sweat glands, body shape, or something else?