Why do people ignore evidence they themselves see?

Imagine I introduce a man as my new manager, I’m the business owner. He works there for five years, all accounts from the employees he manages is that he is excellent at the job and very competent.

Now comes a revelation…

On the day I introduced him and set him to work as manager, I found him on a street corner begging. But offered him the change and he took it, now employees will be falling over themselves to claim he was faking it the whole time! He was never a good manager at all, a fraud!

:confused:I’ve seen this same reactions several times in life.

I think the psychological term this is called is set:

The above may happen because people recall past experience through the hazy filter of current knowledge, personal bias and wishful thinking. It is very similar to the effect of seeing a woman and thinking how beautiful she is and then getting to know her and finding out she has an awful personality. She now seems much less beautiful even when recalling previous interactions with her. The fact of her appearance has not changed but your filter has.

I could swear I had replied to this, but thank you that is interesting!

I was going to say confirmation bias:

In the OP’s case, people were disregarding their observations about his good management because it didn’t fit with their preconception that homeless dudes can’t be good managers.

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