"Why do people laugh at creationists"

Thunderf00t posts another brilliant Youtube video:

Thunderf00t Episode 31 :cool:

Ray Comfort still doesn’t get it.

(No Kirk Cameron nipples, but note how Kirk n Raytard present their crotches to the camera, creeepy and gross)

Scientists as a rule do not believe anything that is non-falsifiable.

Therefore, anything requiring faith, for example, (which cannot be disproven) is to be rejected.

hope this helps you

wow - that is an awesome video - thanks for sharing!

Of course the more apt question is why don’t people laugh at creationists? Better yet, why don’t people ignore creationists altogether, and stop giving their nonsensical ideas credence whatsoever? (laughing is kind of cruel and pointless).

I could just be a perv, but his constant fondling of the banana skeeved me out.

This Atheist asks - does Thunderf00t think he’ll ever acheive anything.

Fighting theists/creationists is pointless because reason is incompatible with their brains and those who fight them only have reason to fight with.

No, you’d be a perv if it did something opposite to skeeving you out.

(assuming skeeved means what I think it means - repulsed/weirded)

As is creationism.

it does mean that - point well taken! :wink: