why do people obsess about soy when rice and beans is also a proven, healthy complete protein diet?

so soy is a complete protein, but it also may or may not have lots of negative effects, especially for men. There is the whole “controversy” about it. Meanwhile “rice and beans” have been eaten for the protein by poor people in Latin America since forever, no controversy there. So why do Westerners bother with soy instead of using the tried and true solution with zero side effects?

Because rice and beans are perceived as poor people food.

Soy, on the other hand, has benefited from a PR campaign to make it look super.

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i tried a rice and bean smoothie, i’ll stick with tofu.

rice and beans are good.

soy is versatile and works well in many dishes as a meat mimic.

many ways to make both tasty.

Wait, what, soy might have negative effects?

Rice is high in carbs.

Beans, I should take a look into. There, it does seem that the “poor people food” status is hurting them. But isn’t soy just squeezed soybean milk?

I love rice and beans in many forms.

Soy is good too for some things.

There’s a debate about whether the plant estrogens in soy might do bad things to guys, might affect things like various cancers in women. The research is very mixed, and per that link, not really conclusive.

I figure it’s been consumed in quantity in various Asian countries for centuries, so until I see some really solid meta-analyses saying it’s not a good idea, I’ll keep eating it.

Soy has more protein with less carbs. Beans, while a good source of protein and fiber, have more carbs.


1/2 cup white beans has 76.6 calories, 14.4 g carbs, 4.8 g protein

1/2 cup firm tofu has 50 cal, 2.7 g carbs, 10.0 g protein.

Soy is a convenient way for non-meat-eaters to get a bunch of protein without the carbs.

But it’s soy is just a type of bean really. There is also some discussion as is soy or at least certain types of it, are a complete protein.

You can eat lots of things to achieve a complete protien. Beans and corn works as well as beans and rice.

I am currently poor and eat mostly beans (in forms of navy beans, lentils, chickpeas, black beans) and rice (and or barley) to give me complete protein very cheaply.

Then on Sunday I’ll throw in meat or eggs or milk just to “make sure” :slight_smile:

Sure, if I were in your sitch you bet I’d be eating pinto beans and cornbread, just like Granny used to. :wink:

Right now I’m trying to limit my carbs and get enough protein so I’m eating chicken and fish. But soy would work as well. It’s made from beans all right, but the protein is concentrated.

From WorldNetDaily:Soy is making kids ‘gay’


People here say all the time that beans are “cheap” but what does that mean? The least expensive beans I can find anywhere are $1/pound and some are as much as $1.75/pound so it makes them a lot more expensive than rice (and potatoes and most pastas and…). Of course, I’m sure the fact that our grocery stores only sell 1-2 pound bags is a big part of the price factor.

Look for bulk bins of them around produce areas.

I like rice and beans fine, but I also like soy, which I think is delicious
in all forms except tofu.

It is hard to beat steamed soy beans in the pod, among other ways
of preparation.

Don’t believe paranoid Internet rumors. The “trouble” started a while back when it was discovered that some so-called organic soy and lentil cracker manufacture was using commercial dyes in its products (a combination of FD&C yellow no. 5 and blue no. 2, I think). Nothing to worry about.

Now don’t make me call in the scoops.

The only foods sold here in bulk bins are organic stuff and candy.

One pound of dry beans cooks up to a lot more than a pound though. I would guess at least three pounds. Also no waste like you get with potatoes from peels or bad spots whatever.

If you have trouble finding them in your grocery, try an ethnic store. Indian, Middle Eastern, Italian, or Mexican, they all would likely have dry beans for cheap.

Soy is also poor people food. Unless you mean actual soy beans, sold as edamame, which seems to be really expensive relative to other frozen vegetables.

Yeah, they’re more expensive than the cheapest thing you can possibly buy and eat without killing yourself and about the same price as the second cheapest thing you can buy… so expensive.