Why do people on parenting forums do this?

They start a thread ‘What do you think of the name Rasputin?’ Then all the replies come in- I like it. I do not like it. I like it a lot.
I do not care what people think of my choice. I do not want replies like ‘The name is nice’ or ‘The name is bad.’
I want to find out useful things. Like I had not thought before posting that people may think the name ‘Tiano’ may rhyme with ‘Piano’. I want responses that will help me think of things that I would not have thought of before.
Is everyone just holding a poll? If so, why?

Have not had much luck finding intelligent life on the parenting forums, so I thought I would ask here.

Maybe some people are different from you?

Maybe you need to rephrase your question. Asking simply “what do you think of the name…” means people will automatically tell you whether or not they like it.

Because you asked them their opinion, and people like to give their opinion. If you want to know “I’m thinking about naming my kid Triano, I know its unusual, what issues are they going to have” ask THAT. Don’t ask “what do you think?”

I have considered that. What I do not understand is the people caring what random strangers think. Do they think - ‘Wow 12 random strangers thought Rasputin is a nice name and only 8 thought it a bad name. So I will call him Rasputin.’

I do that. Noone else on those forums appear to. My question is why.

The child will meet plenty of random strangers in his/her life - so the opinions of the random strangers commenting on your question might be thought of as representative of the opinions and attitudes your child may have to face when he/she is growing up, and in adult life.

You do?


Because the mission statement on those forums does not involve “Fighting Ignorance” maybe?

That and being a parent somehow slowly sucks the intelligence out of your brain until, after about 15 years or so, you become a complete dumbass. Just ask my 15 year old, he’ll tell you. As will the 17 year old daughter and 14 year old daughter. Both their mother and I are just shy of being total idiots. The 10 year olds and the 7-8 year olds don’t quite see it yet but give 'em time. In another 8-10 years I will be enjoying the peacefullness of incontenance and self saturation by drool as I sit and slowly stare out the window.

Good times, yah.

The answer is the same as to why they always give themselves nicknames like “BabyMomma” or “Maddyson’s Mommy”. Because they calculate their self-worth by reference to what other people think, and believe they have no innate value beyond their role/persona as a parent. They therefore need the little high they get from people telling them that the name they chose for their little angel is “teh best”, and will doubtless use that as a comeback if anyone ever asks why in the blue hell they named their child “Tangerine”.

That’s why I never take part in any of those parenting forums - the majority of participants strike me as coming from the shallow end of the gene pool! :wink:

Oh my darlin’, Oh my darlin’, Oh my darlin’, Tangerine…

Because I posted that here on SDMB I knew that I would get intelligent replies rather than ‘I like it. I do not like it. etcetc.’

I thought that was the reason. Just needed someone to articulate it.

"I like it’ and “I don’t like it” are intelligent replies to such a blunt and open-ended question as “what do you think?”

I think you should try the name “Tockenspiel.”

Rasputin was a dick. Don’t name your kid after a dick.

I was going to suggest Tarmonica, or maybe Taxaphone.

OTOH, Rasputin was really, really hard to kill. It would be nice if you didn’t have to worry about keeping your toddler away from the Drano, the handguns or the swimming pool, since you knew he was impervious to all conventional hazards.

I have met a peer. Here, I’ll share my kleenex with you.
To the OP: how is Triano pronounced? what is its origin? what (if any) is its meaning? Is it a boy name or a girl name or an other name?Why do you feel compelled to name an innocent babe in this way? As you can see, I’m not thrilled with the choice, but as it may well be that it’s just because I’ve never heard of it before, I’m willing to be educated. At least you aren’t spelling it Tryano. Have you checked out the website Baby’ s named a bad, bad thing yet? Dunno the url, but google that and read…

( Couldn’t you just name him Bill and be done with it? How about Tyrone? Or Ed–not enough Eds in the world now.)

Happened to my parents, too. When I was a teenager, somehow they rapidly declined in intelligence. On the positive side, once I reached around 20, their intelligence began to return, and now they’re back to the level they were at before I became a teenager. Perhaps something similar will happen to you as your children get older.