Why do people still parade the Confederate Flag around?

I’ve taken a few trips to the east coast where I saw it more often, but it still seems to show up everywhere. People with the headbands, stickers on their cars, and license plate holders all bear the confederate flag more commonly in certain areas. What are these people trying to say? My understand is that the south wanted slavery, and the North didn’t. They’re not getting anyone to chain and shackle a bunch of people. What are they trying to say?

Southern pride

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It’s not the Confederate Flag.
It’s the Confederate Battle Flag.
Thanks to the influence of a movie called “Gone With The Wind” the South doesn’t seem to give a rats patoot about the misidentification.

I might be wrong but I believe the flag first gained popularity this century in the movie Birth of a Nation in 1915.


Yes, pride. And although pride is a sin, and they claim to be good christians, they still do it.

The South was about a lot more than just “slavery”. There’s a huge and diverse culture that you’ll find there, and nowadays, absolutely NONE of it has to do with slavery. The South, obviously, wants to remember the positive parts of their history - the food, the fashion, the traditions, the accent :smiley: - and they’ve latched onto a symbol - historically inaccurate though it may be - to show their support and pride for their culture.

Although I don’t think it would be good to see this thread devolve into whether or not a kid can wear a “South Pride” shirt to school…

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