Why do people think Rick Morranis is funny??

I don’t get it. He’s never had a funny nanosecond in his whole life.

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“I KNEW IT!!!”
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You never watched ‘The Great White North’??
Funny stuff.

In history they will not fill their heads with battles, nor in geography with fortresses, for it becomes them just as little to reek of
gunpowder as it does the males to reek of musk.

                     - Immanuel Kant

Judging by his complete lack of success recently, I don’t think people do–at least, not anymore.

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Why do people think Regis Philbman is funny? Or Rosie 'O Donnell? How about Tom Arnold? Pauly Shore? Jay Leno? That whiny prick from Mad About You?

People are stupid, that’s why.

Well, he used to be what approached sort of funny in a dumb way back in the days of Strange Brew, but that was only if you particularly liked illiterate Canadians in search of free beer. I remember my dad always let me rent that movie when I was a kid and would have custodial visits with him (but he would’ve let me rent anything, so that doesn’t mean much), so I have kind of a fond place for it in my heart, but I probably wouldn’t think it funny now. Nor do I think anything Morranis has done since then is remotely funny.

Honey, I Shrunk series was funny.
Seems to be a bit more serious funny, you know Disney like, all around mild funny person.

1 - Rick Moranis is awesome.

2 - Suddenly Seymour is, seriously, one of the most romantic songs out there. I love that song.

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I’m getting the feeling that it’s who you surround him with that determines his worth.

I always call him Rick More Anus. :wink:

I told you not to be stupid, you moron.

Rick Moranis did some good stuff during his days with SCTV. Granted, that’s mostly 20 years ago now. There’s a hilarious segment from SCTV in which they preview a supposed upcoming movie, a remake of Taxi Driver that stars Woody Allen as Travis Bickle. (O.K., to understand this, you have to imagine Woody Allen 20 years younger.)

have any of you ever heard him sing Lewis Carol’s “Jabberwocky”?

“If anybody wants a sheep, that is proof that he exists.”

It’s unfair to say this about Rick. If all Jim Carrey did was movies like “The Truman Show” you wouldn’t think him particularly funny.

Rick’s brand of humor (SCTV, Ghostbusters, Little Shop of Horrors) is not usually used Hollywood movies. Blame the writers and viewers.


Well, most of the people who think Moranis is funny do so because they laugh at the things he does and says; I would think that’s pretty obvious.

The fact that you don’t laugh doesn’t make him NOT FUNNY (unless you’ve suddenly become The Comedy Goddess without the rest of us noticing); it makes him not funny to you.

Only those poor benighted souls who never ever make anyone laugh are purely NOT FUNNY.

(Yeah, I know this is MPSIMS, but if you’re going to attack somebody, at least start off like “Moranis is not only a short dweeb who’s been attacked repeatedly with an Ugly Stick, he couldn’t make Satan laugh with a joke about the Backstreet Boys gang-felching a goat!”)

…but when you get blue, and you’ve lost all your dreams, there’s nothing like a campfire and a can of beans!

I’ve always thought of Moranis as a comic character actor…her was very good in STRANGE BREW, and perfectly adequate in GHOSTBUSTERS. He certainly doesn’t carry the show.

I’d never go out of my way to see him in someting, but I don’t avoid things he’s in, either.


Ike said

Yeah, I would agree with that. It seems there are lots of commedians that are hilarious in TV skits (like most of the actors in SCTV , Kids in the Hall, even SNL) and some sitcoms, but very few seem to be able to carry that to the big screen. Wonder why?

Da Ace: you obviously don’t “get” the way things go around here. Deal.

I saw Rick Morranis hosting SNL the other night (rerun on Comedy Central) and every single sketch he did he SUCKED. This just reaffirmed for me that those occassions where he seemed to do ok was probably attributable to good writing, directing, and freak chance.

“it’s all real”
“I KNEW IT!!!”
O p a l C a t

Two words:

Dark Helmet

For this, the rest of his career may be excused. Well, that and “a beer… in a tree.”

Opal: not fair! Everything on SNL sucks these days :slight_smile: Darn show hasn’t been been more than 5 % funny per show in ten years. Kinda sad, all things considered.

(who hasn’t yet thought of an appropiate saying yet, but is leaning towards Swifts “When a true genius appears in this world you will know him by this sign: that all the dunces are in confederacy against him.”)

Most of you probably never saw much of the old SCTV back when it was in Edmonton, but Moranis was hilarious. He did a lot of awesome ‘opinion pieces’ as a drugged-out or drunk David Brinkley (“Why does pot make you so hungry? Perhaps it should be taxed, and the money used to fund that research.”). He had a lot of great characters back then.

Unlike SNL, most of the SCTV people didn’t really make it big. Rick Moranis, Dave Thomas, Joe Flaherty, Harold Ramis, Andrea Martin… Most of them wound up in bit parts, although Harold Ramis has had huge success as a writer and producer.

I have to say I loved him in the Ghostbuster movies, both as a harrassing neighbor to Sigourney Weaver (classic!) and as an incompetent attorney (“One time I turned into a dog, and they helped me!”). Come on, tell me you kept a straight face when he said that line.