Why do people who lift weights shave their bodies?

Hair it is keratin mostly, idnit? Protein.

There is so much whooshing in this thread that I have been using it to dry my hair :smiley:

You mean you haven’t shaved yet?

Your all idoits. Hair production is increased by testosterone, which is stimulated by dihydrophasphatone. Shaving hair reduces DHPT synthesis, which increased conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, which decreases the anti-follicular hormone which suppresses production of anti-androgenic precursors, which stimulates insulin uptake inhibition and disaccharide glutamate resistance. Jeex, how many times do I hafta explain this.

What? And I thought that the weasels in my blood stream did all that and not those silly protiens/enzymes/whatever.

Cite? Sorry, but I tend to disbelieve this one, outside of freaks and obviously ill people like the good gentleman at Bicepmania.

There’s only one way to settle this.


So…you’re saying that after shaving, they eat the clippings?


Just peruse this forum for a bit. You will see what I mean.

There are several guys on there that are like 6’0 ~250lbs at 6-8% BF and they think they are small. “Big” to them is monsterous to most people.

Some articles on muscle dismorphia:



I like this article somebody posted on elite fitness.

Some of the signs of muscle dysmorphia-

Now of course the writer of the particular article sort of downplayed the symptoms, being a bodybuilder he was trying to make the researchers look bad. Still though, most of the bodybuilders I know personally, as well as myself fall into every single one of these categories. I have given up job opportunities in the past because it didn’t allow me to eat at regularly scheduled intervals. LOL. I only have 15" arms and personally feel they are puny, the weights I lift are never good enough and I constantly have feelings of shame at the itty bitty weights I am lifting. I feel fat at 15% bodyfat (been bulking) and can’t wait to get back down to ~10%. I feel nothing short of weight 200lbs at 10% Bf is too small for me. I currently only weigh 182 and every day at the gym I weigh myself and get angry that my weight has not increased or my fat has not decreased. (depending on if I am gaining or losing at the time, I don’t expect both at the same time)

And I must admit…SOB that I too eat my hair clippings so I don’t waste my protein and carbs.

Of course. How else do you explain the popularity of flavored shaving gels?