Why do people who lift weights shave their bodies?

Okay, this may be a stupid question, but as a connoisseur of body hair I’ve noticed that an immense majority of men who’ve gone from out of shape to muscular shave their body hair (chest, stomach, even arms). Is there a practical reason for the ubiquity of this practice or is it just some sort of “body hair is icky” thing that only comes up once they become musclestuds and people start to pay attention to them sexually?

Hair is mostly protein, they want all the protein to go to muscle.

It makes them look more muscular. That’s all there is to it.

Hair disrupts the sheen. Ever seen a hairy body covered in oil? It’s not a pretty sight.
Don’t ask.

The reason is an incongruity in sexuality. Male body builders, in order to enhance their desirability, enlist the smoothe, hairless, curvaceous form of the female. It works. Even the females are stimulated by this display. Aren’t we. I mean, aren’t you. :slight_smile:

Uhh, shaving the hair causes it to grow, using up protein. My chest hair doesn’t grow unless I shave it. It seems to stay at one length, but once shaven it grows back to that length.

Jthunder has it right, it looks better. It makes them look bigger and most bodybuilders have dysmorphia and will do anything to look or feel bigger. Kind of the opposite of anorexia.

Actually, Epimetheus, it just appears that it doesn’t grow. Hair is constantly falling out and growing back, so it doesn’t seem like it is growing.

Hair would continue growing regardless, plus whatever it is made from is waste anyway, so it wouldn’t drain protein- or anything for that matter away from you.

Cutting the hair doesn’t cause it to grow. Hair is dead. Even the cells that form the hair don’t appreciate that the hair has been shaved.

The Master has spoken:

I see, sadly I had read that once and didn’t remember it when I typed that. I guess I am another sucker for the causation/correlation fallacy.

Muscle definition is easier to see without hair covering your skin. I’ll buzz my self down to 1/4 inch occasionaly, but I don’t like to shave all the way down. Too prickly.

Using a razor does not… repeat… does NOT alter your DNA to make it grow faster. (pet peeve, sorry)

You can see alot more definition with no hair. FWIW, I shave my chest. I’m not “built” but im defined. However when I get lazy and let it grow out I look almost pudgey.

do you people even read the other posts? Somebody already disproved that statement and I admited I was abashed at forgetting that statement.

It wouldn’t take altering DNA to make the hair grow faster. (I don’t think at least)

Hair grows at a predetermined rate as set by your genes, i.e. DNA.

If shaving made hair grow faster or more thickly, don’t you think bald guys everywhere would be running a razor over their heads?

I do apologize for not paying more attention to mid-thread posts :slight_smile:

Not every weightlifter shaves his chest–Billy Herrington, yum!

Putting words in my mouth. I didn’t say this at all. I said that my hair didn’t appear to grow unless I shaved it. I.e there was a pre determined length, and that it seemed that it somehow knew when it was cut and then started growing.
Please don’t put outlandish statements in my mouth. I have a few misconceptions, I don’t need you accrediting me with more of them unjustly. I admited my shortsight but I didn’t think this at all and the two are not even related.

Well, as has been already mentioned, it’s just easier to actually see the muscle definition if there isn’t any hair covering it. Another thing is that when you feel your muscles, or have other people feel them, it tends to feel harder without hair on them. Hair kind of provides a psuedo cushion.

I was kidding, fer cryin’ out loud. I’m surprised anyone would take such an outlandish statement seriously.

If that were the case, they’d have to eat the hair. Not that they wouldn’t.

Bodybuilders shave in order to look good for the big competition. Non-competitive weightlifters who shave are pansies. 'Nuff said.

jack@ss said it.

and it’s also the reason why they stain their skin and tan a lot. once they oil up, the stained skin shows the definition better.

That’s ridiculous! Bodybuilders shave thier body hair because hair it is made up mostly of carbohydrates; losing these needed carbs will cause muscles to atrophy due to low glycogen levels.