I Shaved my Torso Today

I was getting tired of resembling Ron Jeremy in all the wrong places so I grabbed my clippers and just started shaving. I’m actually very pleased with the results. The only problem is this is going to have to become a everyday thing to prevent itchy stubble. Still it only took a couple minutes so it won’t be that bad.

Mundane and pointless enough?

It makes those of us who like are men hairy weep. I was gonna throw in a Baby Jesus weeping remark but somehow it just seemed, well, wrong. :smiley:

So you have no hair on your chest? Gross. A hairy chest is a wonderful thing.

Good for you! I had my back waxed for the first time this year and the sudden, complete cessation of itching is worth any heckling from the fur-loving crowd.

As a candidate for a bear-skin rug (after my demise, preferably) I have to wonder how that works, Hypno-Toad. Doesn’t the hair growing back in itch worse that fully grown hair does? I know it does on my face, at least.

This makes those of us who like are homophones to not be messed up weep.

And baby jesus, for no reason.

I’d tell you to bite me but you’d like that too much. :smiley:

Shaved skin feels good on cotton sheets too. Shaving gets old fast and makes the baby bears cry. Maybe you can compromise. Use clippers to chop the fuzz down to an agreeable length. You’ll appear less like a bearskin rug, but no stubble. A couple of hairy guys I know go that route.

Maybe I know too much about my friends. And then feel compelled to share.

Well, I exaggerated the Ron Jeremy part. It wasn’t so much thick hair as long hairs that gathered together. It was the bad adolescent mustache of chest hair. Besides, it was thicker on my belly than my chest which is just wrong.

Look at it this way: it’ll grow back thicker. :slight_smile:

MMMMMMM… thick belly hair… wha? Oh, yeah, it probably will grow back a little thicker. Gonna show us some pics when it does? :wink:

It itches like a mofo. My girlfriend waxed my back (never again!) a few weeks back, and it itches like crazy now, and to her delight, it’s like a zit farm back there. Ingrown hairs, etc…

I’d have rather stayed hairy and scared everyone on the Guadalupe…

Soooo…pictures? :cool:

I have a suggestion about the hair as it’s growing back - those lotions that make the hair grow in softer and finer work for me. I get mine from Avon but you can pick it up anywhere I’m sure.

Shoo! ACBG would be ashamed!

i wouldn’t call me gross (though, i suppose, others might…) but i can count the hairs on my torso with my two hands – and i eat my potato skins and everything.

i guess fair-haired & pasty-white skin just ain’t what it used to be.

Not Ron Jeremy here, more like Zak Spears (go ahead, google him).

I had an EKG once and they shaved four bare patches for the little pads they stick on your chest. I looked like I had mange, so I got the trimmers out and cut it as short as I could, then shaved from there.

UGH! I’ve had thick chest hair since I was a teenager and I couldn’t believe how different I looked. Then, when it started to grow back in…the itch. Plus, my wife hated the way if felt on her skin when…well, you get the idea.

Never again.

I am a big fan of guys who either don’t have hair on their chest, belly and back, or remove it.

So much nicer to kiss and lick bare than hair.

Bare what? :dubious: :stuck_out_tongue:

What? Ain’t nuttin’ wrong with a little window shoppin’! :smiley:

Nope. No itching at all until the hair grew back out to a waxable state. Nice and smooth. Ahhhhhhh.

I swear I get hairier every year. Up until my early 20s I thought I’d take after dad in the hair department. He’s got a bit of leg and arm hair, but almost nothing on the torso other than the universal pits and crotch. Then, when I was about 23 or 24 I started getting wider shoulders and thicker muscles, which I liked, along with body hair and extra pudge, which I didn’t.

It started as a soul patch on my sternum, that gradually spread across my chest, and a “happy trail” from my bellybutton down. That wasn’t so bad. Now, however, I’ve got the crap everywhere. Thank the gods I don’t have hairy shoulders or kidney patches, but part of me wonders if that’s only a matter of time, considering that it was only about 6 or 7 years ago that my torso was close to hairless. Damn hair is starting to show signs of coming out my nose and ears sometime in the future.