Since we're talking about guys' bodies, how do you feel about chest hair?

It seems like chest hair on adult men has become a Very Bad Thing, and I’m wondering how other people feel about it. I see many pictures of bare-chested, well-muscled men, and they always have their chests completely denuded, and it looks funny to me. I mean, a guy who looks like he’s wearing a sweater when he takes his shirt off is a bit much, but a guy with a normal, haired chest looks just fine to me.

What do all y’all think? No hair on men’s chests allowed? Let men be men and fly their hairy flag freely? Keep it realistic - take a trimmer to it if you’ve got chest hair long enough to braid? Other?

Guys - do you shave your chest? Do you like to shave? Do you do it because you think you have to?

Women - do you only like a shaved chest hair on a guy? No preference?

I am with you, OP; I am fine with any natural amount of chest hair from “barely perceptible” all the way up to - but not including - “Wookiee-level.” I draw the line at guys who basically have a hair carpet on their upper bodies.

On the other hand, I think that chest-shaving is sort of weird, so I guess a guy who had naturally Wookiee-style chest hair would have poor chances with me either way. Sorry, Wookiee men.

I’m in the one category you didn’t address! :wink: Whilst I think a man who would shave his chest is more than a little vain, and it’d be a bit of a turn off, I don’t like a man with a very hairy chest at all, and prefer those guys who are naturally less blessed in the hairy chest department.

Or in other words, what MsWhatsit said. :wink:

What MsWhatsit said.

I might have a very slight preference for a smooth chest, but only if it’s natural. Shaving your chest just seems too vain, too metrosexual for me. But really, overall, in my view, any bare chest is a good chest.

ETA: Huh. That’s not the right term. Anyway, I mean the trail of hair that goes from the chest down into the pants. Mmmm. Please do not shave.

I think a man shaving his chest is sorta weird.

I’m kind of getting the impression we’re all on the same page here… :wink:

I did know a Wookie in college. We used to call him the “X-beast”, where X was his name. It was like a damn sweater when he took his shirt off. All over, back, stomach, chest, SHOULDERS. No!

My first boyfriend suffered from that. And insisted on wearing v-neck shirts. He’s definitely a “why???” :smack:

“Treasure trail”, I think.

I thought I preferred the bare-chested look. My husband is pretty furry on the chest, but not the “is that a sweater?” level. Turns out I’m just fine with him as he is!

He once freaked out a male coworker who was teasing him, “Hey, you’re half Italian, but your legs and arms aren’t that bad, aren’t you supposed to be hairy?” He yanked down the collar of his shirt long enough to “stun” the bystanders, who no longer wondered where the “missing” hair was.

My exhusband is really hairy like that, except the hair is straight, not all fuzzy. So there are just little ~1/8 inch straight hairs everywhere, which somehow was way, WAY less disgusting than if it was fuzzy. I hate fuzzy.

I love chest hair!

I don’t like the shaved/waxed look at all.

My current boyfriend is Chinese, so he doesn’t have a lot - just enough. And I like it. My ex though had a good amount of chest hair, and I liked that too - he was Indian.

Basically, as long as you have hair appropriate to your body type, what do I care? I mean, an Asian guy who was really freakin hairy would be weird, as would an Indian guy with almost no hair. Indian guys who shave freak me out. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, that’s kind of weird and freaky! Wookie-boy was straight up anglo-saxon English, so who knows where he got the hairiness from. The current pseudo-boyfriend (long, complicated story) is pretty hairless and it looks good. :smiley:

I loathe shaved chests on men. Adult male humans have body hair (obviously, the extent and density varies among individuals and is highly dependent on ethnic origin). I’m not into prepubescent boys, so why would I want a grown man to try to look like one?

Yeah, I do a double-take when I see a guy with Wookiee hair, because it’s uncommon. But if I had to choose, I’d pick the Wookiee over a waxed/shaved guy any day.

:smiley: My Asian guy is pretty hairy; he has a really full beard, too. I wouldn’t say “really freakin hairy”, though. His family sometimes teases him about it. I think it’s hot.

I’ll put it this way…the woman hot enough to convince me to voluntarily shave my chest hasn’t been born yet. The man bad enough to shave it against my will while I’m still breathing hasn’t been born yet. The poor medical tech that has to do it before the docs crack open my chest to see if my heart really exploded should probably pray I don’t survive the surgery, because he doesn’t know that I may grump at him some, but prolly wouldn’t actually rip off all of his limbs for what he thought was needed while I was having the heart drama. Sure, I’ll probably rip one arm partway off…say to the elbow…but that’s it.

A full beard?! Wow, that’s pretty unusual. Whenever mine tries to grow a beard it looks like the stereotypical Fu Manchu beard - and he doesn’t really look all that Chinese, to be honest.

The Wookie I knew was also straight anglo-saxon. The hair was even a sort of dirty blonde.

Are you saying a grown man who doesn’t have chest hair looks like a prepubescent boy? :dubious: