How come men can't have chest hair any more?

As you can see from these photos (scroll to the last couple of photos), chest hair on guys is a very, very good thing. How come guys aren’t allowed to have chest hair any more? How come every time a guy takes off his shirt on television or movies, he’s all bare like a little boy? I was watching “Beauty and the Geek II” (quiet, you - you have your own guilty pleasures :smiley: ), and the first thing the girls wanted to do to all the guys for their make-overs was wax the chests.

Please allow me to say, guys, leave your chest hair alone. Guys are supposed to be hairy in front. It’s a good thing. (Now, the back and ear hair - that’s another story, best left for another day.)

The other day, I accidentally (that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it) had my TV on during the day, and I watched no more than 10 minutes of a daytime soap opera, for the first time in many years. I was struck by a couple of things.

First, in those 10 minutes, I saw four different men in 3 different scenes. Not one of those men was wearing a shirt (the women were dressed a bit more modestly).

Second, all those four men, save perhaps one, had physiques that only the most genetically gifted could hope to aspire to without some kind of hormonal “augmentation”.

And third, none of those men had any discernible body hair.
So my guess is that the second point has influenced the third. Why go to all that trouble to develop a striking torso, if you’re just going to obscure it with hair?

Anyone who doesn’t like chest hair on a man is sick and wrong. I will brook no disagreement.

Because it’s easier to shave it if you have it than grow it if you don’t. :wink:


I’ve got plenty of chest hair to go around, ladies. Please, take a number.

I’ve got just the right amount. I’m not waxing/shaving ANY of them. Not even the gray ones.

A hairy chest, plus nestling medallion? It’s not unusual… [check out bottom right photo]

My chest is somewhat patchy (I have a crucifix shaped hair pattern on my chest), and given that I’m too lazy to shave my face every day, there’s just no way I’m going to bother shaving my chest (however, if I had any back hair, you can bet I’d remove that pronto). I used to have a male coworker who for reasons I’ve never understood, shaved his legs!

I shave mine. I’ve never been a big fan of pubic hair. If I could shave my armpits with out getting laughed out town; I’d do that too.

Also shaving the hair around my stomach gives me the appearance of a “slimmer” look. As I have a little pudge down there.

I dislike hairy guys. I don’t want them completely hairless, but I don’t want them hairy. I don’t want those big thick oiled chippendales guys. I just want a guy who doesn’t make me feel like I’m making out with a monkey. Which most chest hair does.

Now, leg hair and pubic hair on a guy doesn’t bother me. Chest, back and neck hair does.



Err, was he a cyclist or maybe a swimmer? That could explain it.

As to chest hair, I don’t think it matters. I mean, assuming that the person is in decent shape, I have no objections to seeing their chest be it completely bare or covered in hair.

Wait. Actually, if I was at a public swimming pool and I saw a man with rather a lot of body hair, I’d get kind of grossed out. The thought of thick, soaking chest hair isn’t a pleasant one for me.

So, excess body hair is cool, provided that it never gets wet. :\

fake edit: Wasn’t body hair considered sexy in the '70s? 'Cause it always seemed, with films from that era, like the guy with the hairy chest and mustache got the girl.

Nope. That’s why I couldn’t understand it.

A scuba diver?

Even a little? Like a crucifix pattern, as mentioned earlier, or a happy trail?


I’ve never had any chest hair at all and I’ve always felt inferior because of that.

But, why is it that men with lots of body hair lose the hair on their heads at an early age?


I really believe it’s the result of fifty years’ exposure to superheroes.
Ever tried cartooning a mass of hair?

(I like my men hairy.)

Your loss, Toots.

I like my men to have more body hair than I do.

Regrettably, due to ethnicity and genetics, this is more difficult than you might suppose…