Male Grooming; What do I want to trim, shave, or wax?

I’m a 27 year old male who just shaved his back, and boy do I feel slick. :smiley: I did what I could on my own, and had a friend just get the spots I missed. It’s the first time I had done so, and as it stands I’m happy with the results. I’m worried about a few things though, like sweating tomorrow, ingrown hairs, and itching. Would it have made more sense to wax? I admit I have a certain naivety about it, and body hair grooming techniques in general. Are there any ways to avoid ingrown hairs after shaving?

Is trimming chest hair unusual? Anything that will help keep me a little cooler in the summer time is a good thing, since I sweat quite a bit. I wouldn’t shave my chest simply because the only type of guys I’ve seen with their chest shaved are tone dudes, which I am not, (not that big, but a tad overweight). What about the nether regions? I know most women like men trimmed, but how about shaved?

Women, what measures do you prefer men to take? Men, any tips?

Edit: What about the neck?

Do you just try to ‘fade’ shaved areas with non-shave areas?

Are we talking about shag carpet level of hair here?

Not ‘Robin Williams bad’… I wish I could think of a comparison. I’ve got dirty-blond/light brown hair. You couldn’t see my back hair from a 7 or 8 feet away. Chest hair doesn’t look, (to me), grizzled or super-thick… more ‘soft’ , curly… um, teddy-bearish. I don’t like how much of my chest is covered in hair… I don’t like it to be seen wearing a shirt, so I do trim the top sometimes.

oh, it’s not just my chest… my belly as well.

This thread is creepy. I don’t even know why I opened it.

Trim or pluck you f-ing nose hairs! No one should have to see that s^%$!

ok? :confused:

Well, I’ll pitch my two pennies in and hope the OP finds it helpful. First, women have different preferences and rest assured there’ll be a subset out there that’ll dig you no matter how you style the body fur.

Aesthetically, I’ve always had a mild preference for smoother men, though my previous boyfriend had quite a lot of body hair and I was perfectly fine with it and way into him and all that. Quite honestly I don’t think it would have occurred to him to shave. He was sort of oblivious in other respects…:dubious:…but his general lack of self-consciousness and ease with his body (and mine) were much more important than his hairiness.

I’d guess that waxing would be better for body hair than shaving, especially the chest. Post-coital body rashes from chest stubble would be miserable. I reckon trimming would circumvent this problem as well.

I’ve been with guys who shave their crotch area and guys who don’t. I didn’t care all that much either way. One of the shaved guys had a weirdly anticipatory attitude towards his denuded privates that was sort of strange and off-putting - if he were a cartoon character, I’m sure he would’ve drawn lines around his penis denoting radiance and luminance. So again, the attitude is far more important than the hair. (Though mind you, the guys who shaved were all generally smooth-bodied. It would look mighty peculiar if you’re hairy on your chest/stomach but hairless right at the crotch, where one would expect you to even more hair per square cm, ya know?)

Trim the chest and abs, wax the back. Oh, and wax away that unibrow!

Another poster hit it on the head though; there is always a subset of people, some of whom are fetishists who have a thing about hair. Of course, one wonders if it’s you they’re after, or your fur. As for me, I prefer myself to be reasonably well-groomed, as is my preference for my insignificant others. Of course, I’m smooth as a baby’s ass from shoulders to ass, but not everyone has that and must learn to manscape.

It isn’t necessary to fade, and I can imagine that done wrong that would make for quite the rash (sorry) of jokes. Just pick a decent length, say a quarter of an inch, and let that be how you do your chest and abs. The back, as I said, you should wax because it’s a difficult task to do as often as you would otherwise need it. Don’t wax it yourself though; if you’re going to have that done, have it done professionally.

All women are different, yadda yadda, but don’t go crazy! If I were to get in bed with a hairless man, I’d feel like a perv. You don’t want to look twelve. However, some grooming is a good thing. Trim the pubes, but I wouldn’t recommend shaving there. It can be itchy when it starts growing back, and stubbly, which would be irritating for your woman. Likewise chest. I’d rather snuggle up to a hairy chest than a stubbly chest. If you shave as soon as you see a tiny bit of hair coming in, you’ll get razor burn, so you pretty much have to live with a few days stubble, or have a rash. Niether is sexy. Waxing lasts longer than shaving and would be better for your back, or you could try Nair if your skin isn’t too sensitive. The back is the only place where you should completely remove the hair, but the rest would be better with just trimming. Or nothing, you sound kinda hot to me.

Guy here, so take my comments as you will.

Shave your face, trim the pubes (out of courtesy), and in about 10 years start snipping off the nose and ear hairs. Any more than that and you’re paying way too much attention to it.

Your mileage and the opinions of your SO may vary, but IME most women prefer their men to have the body hair nature intended. Unless you’re like the Geico cavemen.

Thanks for the replies!! Ear and nose hairs are always top priority. I just want to look my best for when I go on vacation. You see, I may be shirtless at some point on this excursion… and it’s been a while since I’ve gone shirtless. I would need someone else to wax the back, so I’ll have to look into how much that would cost, ( I may not be able to afford it. I don’t think they can wax it right after shaving, so I would have to wait a bit, (waxing wouldn’t work on stubble, would it?). I do shave ‘down below’ fairly often… but then let it grow out. It just feels so much cleaner. Not sure my belly needs that much trimming, (if at all).

I’ve heard women say they hate when men shave their unibrow, but I do it and no one even knows. Anyway, my back still feels smooth to me, and there’s no blemishes or itchiness. But I guess I should stop if I want to get waxed in time. Other than lasting longer, are there any other benefits?

I can only afford to trim the old-fashion way, and that’s with scissors… as I don’t have money to burn on kippers.

Anyway, thanks for the advice, and if you don’t mind, please continue.

I think 3 weeks of growth is what you generally need for the wax to work.

A benefit of waxing is that the hairs aren’t shorn off at skin-level. They’re pulled out at the root. So it’s softer as it grows in. Considering your level of back hair, waxing might be a better choice for you, because if it’s light colored, you can wait a little longer between waxes. You’ll be a little fuzzy, but that’s better than a lot stubbly.

As far as the general question–

I vote for the following grooming guidelines:
–Ear and nose hair removed, of course.
–Unibrow separated
–Back hair removed (unless it’s just a little fuzz)
–Underarms trimmed (unless there’s little hair there anyway)
–Pubes trimmed or shaved.

Chest hair is A-OK!

:smiley: Thanks for the laugh! That’s exactly like this guy I used to date!! He’d take off his pants and it’s like he expected me to sing the Hallelujah Chorus or something.

The wimmens who do pubic hair shaping tend to go for a heart shape or, more often, a trapezoidal “runway.” If that appeals to you, you could do a narrow runway down from each nipple and up from the navel. To go a bit more outré, you could go up from the nipples, to make a pair of exclamation points. ! !

With careful shaving, you could create a faux six-pack on your abs. :wink:

Just no monobrow.

My boyfriend shaves his face, tweezes any stray eyebrows, has a trimmer for the nose and ears and scissors the pubes. He’ll occasionally shave his balls as a surprise but 2 weeks ago, he got bored/hot/crazy and shaved his chest and belly.
You may have heard me scream.
Yes, it’s his body. Still. I loved his hairy chest and belly.
On day 2, he broke out in angry red pimples covering his chest and belly. Some had white heads. The new hairs were like bristles. I wouldn’t touch him. The pimples faded after he scrubbed himself raw. The hair on his chest is coming in softer than his belly hair. I’ll tentatively touch him now. He’s so miserable, I feel sorry for him.
I suggest waxing anything you don’t want to tweeze all gone.


Oh I love you dopers! I mean that too. There are plenty of snide people on these boards, and most of them I love as well. I may not be the brightest guy in the world, but what a place to lurk if you’re trying to find honest and intelligent debate over difficult issues, where-in I can weigh each side, and come to my own, (more educated) conclusion. If a person’s willing to listen, and they try to have an open mind, they can learn so much here. But best of all, you can post about your body hair, (eww), and everyone’s willing to help. I keep good company! :slight_smile:

But back on topic:

Green Bean my Vacation’s at the very end of the month, (last two days), I hope my back gets enough time to sprought the appropriet amounts of grass before I tear up the lawn.

I normaly wouldn’t care, but to be quite candid… I need to get laid. So I’m doing everything in my power to make sure I don’t prevent that from happening, even if it’s a one-time thing. I’m tottaly due, and I try hard to be a nice guy. I need this!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Like I said… I’m not big, but I do have a little belly. I’ve been doing crunches every night, and getting more exercise to try to slim down/tone up a little. However I DO realize that I can’t count on getting laid, or I wont have fun if things don’t work out. I just want to make sure I put the effort in.

So why the hate for back hair? I’ve had a fairly hairy back since the onset of puberty, and plenty of people, from lovers to total strangers, have told me to shave it. I did once and it was the most horrible feeling I could imagine. I cried, it was so awful. For a week I had to go around with my shirt just resting on my bare skin, which is really weird (for me: normal for the other 99% of you, I guess).

I do trim nose and ear hair and shave my neck (all 360º), but everything else I leave alone. Sorry, folks.

To be honest, I don’t think it’s all THAT big a deal, if you’re ok with it. I wouldn’t have done it of I wasn’t trying what I can to attract the largest amount of women I can who would be goodly enough to notice me at all.
I HATE tanning, yet I’m going to TRY and get some sun, (though I have to find the time to, and have yet to find a secret spot to sunbathe without a shirt on without feeling too self conscious.

I don’t think it’s a ‘deal-breaker’ for MOST women though. Could be wrong, but just tell them they’re going to need to grab on to something. :b