Why do people continue to wage a war on body hair?

Why do people still razor shave, wax, and pluck in 2018?
Some jobs still require men to have completely smooth jaws.
Women are often expected to have baby smooth legs. Hairs sticking out of a woman’s bikini is considered vulgar.
Hair on the sides of a bald man’s head is considered ugly.

Armpit hair reduces friction so you don’t get chaf. If you shave that hair it will grow back with sharp edges and ingrown hairs.
Body hair also reduces friction between the balls and legs in men, between the outter labia in women, and between the buttcrack.

Shaving, Waxing and Plucking (SWP) all-cause tiny cuts in your skin that bacteria can get inside. That’s doing the exact opposite of hygiene.

IIRC ingrown hairs can cause infections and even gangrene.

Why don’t people just trim the length of their hair with clippers and scissors?

Possible reasons: Hair growing out your ears and nose is horrifying, many beards look like crap, and armpit hair retains offensive odors … BIG time. If anyone wants to look like a Sasquatch, they can be my guest.


You make a point Op. The “two day old beard” look is big, however, and a mustache is pretty much Ok anywhere.

I do trim my nose and ear hair sure.

Waxing for men, I consider pointless.

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She does it for me, I do it for her. I have almost won the war for the skull. The losers are taking refuge in my ears and nostrils though.

This just in: Generals Say War On Hair May Be Unwinnable
Adapted from an Onion headline “Cat Generals Say War On String May Be Unwinnable”
I do it because I hate body hair. Anything below the nose must go! I don’t know why you care about my war on hair, OP, but I’m not asking you to pick a dog in my fight. The war on hair might be unwinnable, but I am happy to reduce it to a low-grade guerilla conflict.

I’d like to wear a beard, or at least a mustache, but the combination of unfavorable genetics and bad acne as a teenager (leaving some scarring on my face) means that my facial hair is sparse, and there are bare spots. Plus, my mustache hair is blonde, and the rest of my facial hair is sort of reddish. All told, it’s just not a good luck. So, it gets shaved off.

Similarly, I know a number of men who shave their heads. In most cases, their hair is significantly thinning, or they have substantial male-pattern baldness. They feel that a completely bald head looks better than what little hair they have left.

I have just enough hair on top of my head to draw attention to the fact that there’s not much there. Hair on the sides is nice & thick still, but fine and mostly gray. When I let it grow out I look exhausted and a little bit insane, and that actually creeps into my attitude. When I buzz the whole dome with a #2 clipper it completely changes my outlook and how other people deal with me. Weird thing is, I deal with people over the phone and almost never in person so they have no clue what I look like–they must be responding to whatever confidence and energy is in my voice which is an extension of my own self-perception. So…I guess I do it to feel pretty, but that doesn’t mean I want anyone looking at or touching me.

Oral sex is one reason I’ve seen given, to prevent chafing and hair between the teeth.

For women specifically, it’s a common factor across the animal kingdom that exaggerating a gender related difference often makes members of that gender more attractive. Since women are naturally less hairy than men, shaving increases that difference and tends to make them more attractive (with a little push from fashion).

As such things go it’s relatively harmless; non-surgical, reversible and not particularly expensive.

Cuz of, like, society maaaaaaannnn

Or the fact that body hair is gross. All of it. Mine, yours, his, hers…don’t matter. And I barely tolerate my own body hair, much less want to see yours.

Because we think it looks good, and/or feels good.

Because stubble doesn’t look as good and/or feel as good as truly glabrous skin. YMMV.

I have hideous hair that grows out of my nostrils. It looks bad, and I tried trimming it once, but the stubble was miserable. Every time I rubbed the outside of my nose, my nostrils compressed, and the stubble would painfully scrape the opposite side of the nostril. So every couple of months, I grab a pair of tweezers and go to work on those little bitches. I spend twenty minutes plucking, sneezing, and blowing my nose, and then it’s over for another couple of months.

Same deal for my ears (minus the sneezing and blowing), courtesy of hairy helices, lobules, and very hairy tragi.

Some types of hair are more prone to becoming ingrown than others. I understand this to be a more common problem for black men, which makes shaving their face a tough deal.

I dunno about other ladies but my leg hair gets itchy and painful when it gets to be too long. I suppose maybe if I held out and let it grow even longer, like a man’s, it might soften up and stop being irritating…but I can’t seem to make myself do it.

Boy, nailed it in ONE! Plus, on your face, it itches and get bacon grease in it.

That’s like, just your opinion, man.

For another point of view:

Beats me. It’s just the way people in this particular culture want to look. Most cultures do something unique and gender-sorted with their hair (shave parts of it, grow out and elaborate on other parts), and then develop irrational reasons about how absolutely right it is and how wrong doing anything else is. We ain’t no different.

Yes, it would. And it wouldn’t be “like a man’s”, it would be like a woman’s. Specifically, yours.

I have first hand experience as I haven’t shaved my legs for about 45 years.

Didn’t porn have a lot to do with it?

:D:D:D This made me think of the eyelash mites war on MST3k!

I HATES hair growing out of my ears!

I started shaving my bodyhair more than a decade ago when i did my first bodybuilding competition. I found that i enjoyed it so i continued ever since. Its just my personal preference. Girls seem to like it too.