Am I the only one who absolutely HATES doing this? Seriously, I’m at the age where I can’t grow a decent beard, but if I don’t shave, it’s noticeable and looks really stupid.

I really do hope one day the Taliban’s scraggly, unkept beards become fashionable, just so I can get a year of nonshaving paradise in.

If I could simply shut off my face follicles (without paying some person armed wth a laser doohicky several hundred dollars), I would do so happily.

All in all, a body could be much more user-friendly and configurable. I’m going to have some strong words for the design team after I finish the test of the current build.

Boo-frickin’-hoo - men complaining about shaving. Do you guys realize that you shave about a twentieth of the total area that women are expected to keep completely smooth and hairless?

“Oh, but our faces are so sensitive…” - and our bikini lines and underarms aren’t?

“Oh, but we get ingrown follicles under our chins that hurt…”
Yeah, and folded skin like the bikini line doesn’t. Mmmm-hmmmm.

I’ll give you one point - you can see your face every day, and we can cover our legs and underarms if we’re a little too au naturel on any given day. Of course, this also means that we spend a lot of time in long-sleeve shirts and long pants when we would dearly love to be in short shorts and a halter top.

(I’m a natural brunette with nice, thick, dark hair from the top of my head to my toes - literally. This may be a bit of a hot button for me.)

I fully acknowledge that the gals have a lot more acreage to shave than us guys.

That still doesn’t keep me from wishing I didn’t have to shave. I consider it time stolen from me every morning. If I know I don’t have to go anywhere on a particular day, I simply skip the shave.

I’ll get in line behind Drastic to file a complaint…and what the hell is the evolutionary point behind guys having beards but women not having beards?

Oooh, another hot button. Women don’t have beards? Have you ever seen a post-menopausal woman in an unbleached, unplucked, unlasered state? I’m 35 now, and I have a mustache and beard that a 16 year old boy would envy, that I pluck and bleach and wax all the frinkin’ time. (Oops, think I just slipped into TMI territory.)

(And I concede the point that everyone who wants to can hate shaving just as much as I do. No matter how much real estate they have to shave.)

Somebody did this a while back. I remembered reading a while ago so I did a search.

Here it is:

I’m with ya. Whoever invented shaving should be cut up in pieces and fed to the dogs.

Well, framed as a contest, you certainly win.

I’m still going to lodge a long complaint form with the design team. Shaving’s a minor bullet point with the individual wetware build I’m tasked with a lifetime test of, but I want to be thorough. Did you know that squid eyeballs have their retinas anchored in a much stronger fashion than mammal eyeballs? Flatly absurd; the different departments just don’t communicate. And it requires too much downtime between activity cycles, the memory function, well sure it’s remarkably powerful and robust, but I would think that could be achieved with far less loss of precision, and with accessibility that worked consistently.

They’ll probably just file the report in the trashcan, too, or heavily edit it to make all the comments positive. Damn marketers.

Well I don’t think I’d wanta scraggly beard but I understand your feelings about shaving. I remember when I was 13 thinking how cool it was going to be when I could shave. Now I’m 26 and I still can’t grow a decent beard in a short period of time. Which I find odd considering how hairy I am everywhere else.

If I could grow a good beard I probably would and then I’d just keep it neatly trimmed.


when my wife and i got serious, i said to her, ‘um, dont shave on my account.’

she hasnt for 11 years.

She must look like Santa Claus by now!!!

Do me a favor and let me know when that age ends. I’m 54 and I still can’t grow a decent beard. And now some of the stray patches that show up here and there come in grey. Sheesh.

(OTOH, I hear that non-hairy chests are sexy. AHA- at last I’m trendy!)

Meh. I don’t bother - never gave it a second thought growing up. I’ve probably shaved 3 times in total.

The odd thing is that the beard I have now seems to be a goatee that changed its mind. And looks vaguely Evil. Fun for scaring children and small animals

Jonny T.

“The human body needs a lot of maintenance, a lot of showering, a lot of shaving, a lot of cleaning, a lot of clipping, a lot of checking… If your body was a car, you wouldn’t buy it.”
– Jerry Seinfeld

You think not shaving’s wierd? And you’re posting from Scotland?! Why on earth would any sane woman shave in a climate where none of the results would ever be seen except for about 10 minutes in June or July when the sun comes out, looks around a bit, then says ‘Aah, fuckit, I’m off to Majorca’.

::shakes head in disbelief::

i dont get it.

[li]Witty SDMB post – Check![/li][li]Spit all over monitor – Check![/li][/list=1]
Wow, I’m starting to feel like I belong.

Yes, this list does have only two items and is entirely devoid of pigment enhanced felines.

y’all’ll probably hate me :eek: but I no longer mind shaving much. I used to hate it and did it as little as possible, but for the last couple months, I’ve had to shave every day except for 3 or 4 and I find that it doesn’t hurt anymore unless I stop for a day or 2. Some things that make it go more smoothly: shave in the shower at the end- makes a huge difference. (get a mirror, a little soap will keep it unfogged to shave), change blades frequently, and I really like the Mach3 (despite it’s stupid name). Also, until you get used to it, don’t shave directly up first, shave sideways or an an angle up.

Happy shaving. :wink:


<Sigh> I would love to not have to shave. But it’s so totally some thing a woman has to do now for social acceptance. Yeesh. People get grossed out over simple things…a woman with hair in her armpits, a woman with hair on her legs, a woman with hair in her hoohah area. It’s freakin’ body hair. What the hell’s wrong with body hair!!!

I should rebel and not shave anything, and see what happens. See if my husband says “Ewwwww!” and divorces me. I should wear a BIKINI in the damn SUMMER, with hair hanging out EVERYWHERE and see how many people VOMIT when they see me!!!


ahem. Sorry. Got a a little carried away. Back to the, uh, discussion

I’m genetically incapable of growing a decent beard. Most of the men in my family on both sides have very little facial hair. Mine grows in very distinct patches, and in weird directions.

I second the notion of shaving in the shower. I have been doing that for years, and without the hassle of a mirror. I also brush my teeth while in the shower so I guess I kill several stones with one bird.