shaving ladies

So, most womena re supposed to shave(legs and underarms).

Why haven’t the razor companies tried to make mucho bucks by trying to get men to do so also?

Do you shave (women only)?
WOuld you stop?
I mean, do you really enjoy it, or feel you must to look good?

I shave every single day! Legs, armpits, and bikini area. I’m on a quest to find a painless way to permanently remove the hair from my legs. The hair from mid-calves to my ankle is darker than the rest of the hair on my legs and if I don’t shave every day you can see the dark stubble forming and I can’t stand it!

The only type of men I can think of that shave are swimmers, body builders, and pro wrestlers. I’ve never met an Average Joe who shaves his pits/chest/legs etc. Razor companies have tried to make the bucks by offering men closer shaves for their face… haven’t seen any ads trying to get men to shave anything else.

You can’t really believe that you can call a thread “Shaving Ladies” and not have guys flock here in droves?

Anyhow, I’m not quite Average Joe, but I’ve met him. I do shave my pits from time to time, buts that’s more of a hygiene/comfort thing than anything else. Would never shave my legs or chest, that would just feel way too weird. But I have been known to give the old back a once-over to get ready for swimsuit season (everybody: Ewwww!).

I wax. And I have to admit that being freshly waxed and baby smooth does make me feel more attractive, even if I never see another living soul (save the dogs) until the hair grows back.

I could blame it on patriarchal social conventions, I suppose, but there are two small “wrenches” in this theory as it applies to me:

a) I come from a background where body hair on a woman was considered attractive* by men. My mother, as a girl, admits to having been very vain about her mustache :eek: and she didn’t shave her legs until she entered the Working World (by which time she’d already married my dad). In fact, she didn’t shave them until she was “pulled aside” by a female coworker, who gently suggested that the fur-with-hose look was not cutting it. My dad was highly upset when she started shaving her legs.

b) for some reason, armpit hair doesn’t bother me. My pits are the only thing I don’t wax. I do shave my armpit hair occasionally, but am equally likely to let it fly in the breeze and get caught in the trees, without giving it a second thought until someone I love gets horrified and hands me a razor (it used to be my sister, but since she’s moved, it seems my pseudo-kid has taken on the task of telling me in no uncertain terms when it’s time to mow up under those bad boys).

This was probably more than you wanted to know.

What I totally don’t get is why the women’s versions of razors are so crappy compared to the men’s. Just compare Gilette’s Venus to its Mach3 and you will see what I mean. Men’s are more like precision tools, women’s are more like these stupid cutesie little pieces of pastel plastic shit.

Sorry. This isn’t the Pit.

On topic: Cyclists and athletes and models shave, so if the companies wanted to encourage men to shave, they’d have plenty of macho icons to use.

I shave about every other day my pits, legs and bikini area and I dye my hair about every 3 weeks.

I prefer to use Nair on the bikini area cause the hairs don’t grow back so sharp.

Then there is this one hair that grows from the mole on my chin every once in a while that absolutely repulses me. When I find it there, it is a plucking emergency.

Right you are! Which is why I own a Mach 3 (well, actually it’s because a free one came in the mail).

I have to say that although I don’t tend to be attracted to fellas with A TON of body hair, the last guy I… erm… “dated” :wink: shaved his pubes (OFF!), and I was mildly disturbed by it. :o

I shave everything from the neck down. Unfortunately, I have dark hair and very pale skin, so I have to shave every second day.

Auntie Em, what background do you come from? If I may venture a guess…are your parents from India? A friend of mine from there was always complaining that the women in North America shave too much and too often, and that facial and body hair were a beautiful thing in his culture.

I shave, but not regularly. I usually let my legs go in the winter, and even in the summer I’ll go a week or two. My leg hair is pretty fine and not very dark, so it’s not too noticeable until it gets pretty long. I like the feeling of having shaved my legs after letting them get overgrown, because they suddenly feel soooo smooth. I keep up with the pits a little more, because that tends to start grossing me out after a while. I trim the bikini area.

I usually buy men’s razors because I’ve always thought the concept of having different ones for men and women was stupid, and the women’s ones seem to be more expensive. I also buy the “men’s” shaving cream for the same reason.

Actually, I’m Black (and American), but you’re right–I knew a couple of women from India who were very proud of their long, luxurious leg hair…

Legs, pits and bikini area (well-erm-actually that whole area) get shaved right off every single day.
Can’t stand the feeling of hair on my legs, especially. I’d be that way whether anyone saw it or not. My Mom was the same way, so maybe it’s somewhat learned behavior?
I also use a Mach 3, since men’s razors are durable and precise, unlike the selection for women, which resembles Fisher Price’s “My First Razor”.

Yes I shave pits, legs, and bikini area
Yes I would stop.
I don’t enjoy it, I feel I must to look good.

in fact, I HATE IT!!!

I also wish that there was a permanent, yet inexpensive, way to remove all my body hair from the neck down so I wouldn’t have to deal with that crap anymore. It’s a pain in the ass.



I do it because I like the way it looks/feels, not for anybody else.
~Men are useful, but too high-maintenance. I’d rather just rent than own.

Because the razor companies’ management is dominated by men who would rather lose profit than have to shave every day?

Definatly, any hair that is not on my head must go. I love being silky smooth, stubble bothers me and any longer than stubble hurts and gets rashy. So all hair must go. Guy’s razors are so much nicer, anc cut so much closer… ahhhh

  1. As a callow youth, I shaved armpits and legs every two days.
  2. Now, I have 'em waxed and I’ll never go back to shaving!
  3. As with any and all “beauty treatments”, it’s for me and me alone.


I enjoy the feel of smooth legs, but the feeling is so temporary it’s hardly worth the effort. I especially love the feeling of sliding into my bed with freshly shaven legs. Ahhhhhhh. During the winter months, however, I shave only my pits. Nothing else. No one else is seeing it, so what the hell.

i am such a hairlessness fetishist. my close friends pick on me for it. in addition to the removal regiment reinforced by dominant society, i shave my arms (yum, smooth armflesh) and pluck my nether regions (none of this bikini-area-only stuff for me…i want as much gone as i can attack). i’ve got a really close relationship with my radio-frequency tweezers…we bond.

sometimes i feel just a twinge of liberal guilt for conforming with the norms of american culture, but then i remember that i get off on my own hairlessness and it’s a yummyfun personal aesthetic…i consider it a minor-level manifestation of body-modification, even…it’s a way of moulding my body into art of my own design.

Same here! I love freshly shaved legs that are newly moisturized. It’s the best feeling in the world.

However, a freshly shaved bikini line feels horrible. I think I’m just meant to have hair there, because nothing works without pain or ingrown hairs or sharp stubble three hours later or burning. I’m ready to give up the fight and tease my bush (when it grows back) into a mini fro.

Underarms - every day, even in the winter. My hair grows in prickly, and it just plain hurts.

Try just trimming as close as possible and see if that helps.