shaving ladies

I do shave: Underarms and legs every day, nether regions about once a week (though sometimes I let that go if I’m not going to be utilizing that area).

No, I would not stop. I enjoy the feeling of hairlessness too much. It makes things cleaner, especially in the underarm/nether regions department.

I do it because I enjoy the feeling. The fact that it makes me feel pretty (and subsequently LOOK pretty) is a bonus.

I like hairy women, espesially armpits and the private bit…

Nope. Never started. It sounds really uncomfortable, and besides, I’ve never seen the point. I figure if anybody’s really repulsed by it, he’s probably not someone I would have gotten along with anyway, and it’s better to find out sooner than later.

How YOU doin’? :smiley:

Wow, I totally can’t be bothered shaving. Yes, I did it when I was in middle school for I feared the condemnation of my peers. As soon as I got old enough not to give a rat’s patootie I quit.

Every now and again I will shave under my arms because of something I’m wearing.

A few years ago I vowed to never ever again shave my bikini area. It always ends up irritated, itchy, painful, etc. If I’m feeling self-conscious I get it waxed (a couple of times/year at most.)

To me, my legs when shaven feel almost numb to touch and I hate it.

I imagine that because men do not feel the same pressure from our society that body hair is gross, that attitude is reflected in product marketing. Plus, it’s hard enough getting my husband to shave his face everyday, I can’t imagine what it would be like getting him to shave his legs. I offered, but he would have none of it.

I shave everything, including arms, shoulders, back, landing strip, bum area. I have pale skin and dark hair, so every other day is a necessity. I’m also starting to get a slight mustache (at 22) that I shave every week or so. I shudder to think what I’ll have to shave in 20 years. I use a mach 3 with hair conditioner and deoderant on the bikini area to prevent bumps.

I try once in awhile to let myself go, but my body starts feeling itchy.

I think my “hairlessness fetishist” attitude toward shaving started in about the 4th-5th grade. Girls who didn’t shave their legs were teased by both girls and boys. I started shaving my legs and armpits (secretly) when I was 11 or so, and now I do it for the love of feeling smooth.

I know this topic has been covered before, so you could do a search in IMHO and find out a lot more peoples’ opinions on this topic.

To save time I’ll restate my own situation: I am female, 36, and I don’t shave my legs. I like the way hair feels on my legs, especially when the wind blows through it. Admittedly, my leg hair is blonde.

I’ve had a few guys ask me out on dates specifically because they really liked that I didn’t shave my legs.

I shave my underarm hair about once a week.

I wish men would shave their armpits. I can’t understand why they consider big shaggy pits of neanderthal hair to be desirable on a man.

I was very hairy as a girl, and my mother, who was English, couldn’t understand why I couldn’t wait until I was 18 to start shaving my legs, as she did. Fortunately a next door neighbor clued her in and I was able to start shaving when I was 13. I have vowed when my daughter asks I will let her. I know how cruel pre teen girls can be.

Now, I shave my legs once a week or so, generally on Saturdays, when I’m going out to run errands and I’m going to be wearing shorts. I shave under my arms three or four times a week…for me, it’s a hygenic issue…stubble can hold sweat which can smell in spite of the deoderant.

Well, I’m a guy. I’m not a swimmer, body builder or wrestler, but I shave. Armpits, occasionally chest area (I rarely have enough hair there to bother with). Not legs though. Waaay too much effort. Considered (but haven’t tried) waxing.

I find body hair to be uncomfortable, and generally not very pleasant to have. (Sometimes I find hair on my head to be so as well, but I’d look silly bald :slight_smile: )

I shave my legs and underarms maybe about once a week, when I think of it. I don’t grow enough to worry about it more than that.

As for the bikini area, is this (shaving the whole carpet off thing) really as widespread in the States as reading the SDMB makes it appear to be? It doesn’t seem to have caught on over here, at least as far as I can tell. A completely shaved woman would stick out like a sore thumb at my gym; I’ve only ever even seen the landing strip once.

Not that I’m looking, but you’d notice.

The naive fourteen-year-old asks:
So, waxing hurts? Not good? The shaving is really getting to me (and I’ve only been doing it for two years!) and I HATE my pit hair. It’s very dark, so even after I shave it (which I do daily) you can see sort of a dark spot where the hair is underneath my very pale, very delicate, “porcelain” skin. I’m half-considering waxing it, but just the thought of how much it would hurt… shudders And depilatories don’t work either? Why does hair removal have to be so painful, irritating, messy, or complicated?

Never waxxed myself, but I think the consensus is that waxing hurts a lot the first couple times, but gets more bearable over successive treatments.

The question isn’t whether or not it hurts, but whether its worth it. IMHO it doesn’t hurt that much (and I am a biiig weenie for pain) and it lasts much longer than shaving. Unfortunately it is expensive.

Also, when I say “waxing the bikini area” I don’t mean waxing it clear off. I mean, literally making it so it fits under a bikini.

Azure Eternity, the benefit of waxing is that, over time, the hairs begin to grow back less quickly, the hairs are finer, and come out more easily. Shaving seems to stimulate hair growth, and the hairs themselves become sturdier. Waxing also lasts rather longer than shaving. I only need to have my legs done every 2 months and each time is easier than the last.

Caveats: It’s expensive, no doubt about that. But I find the expense ($32 for full leg and I never do bikini wax) a more than fair exchange from the cost of razors, the pain of razor scrapes, the annoyance of extra time spent shaving every few days, and the dreaded itchy stubble.

Yep, it hurts but it hurts less every time. The first few times I had my armpits done… Oy! Have your waxing done in the evening, to allow for overnight healing.

For those with more sensitive skin, a rash of red bumps (where the hairs were ripped out) can appear on your skin. This happens to me and so I try to schedule waxing appointments 2-3 days in advance of any “important” activities. Again, I have mine done in the evening, so the “rash” goes away overnight.

The permanancy of hair loss takes time and you have to be consistant with your appointments. If you have not been shaving for long, then you probably won’t have too much trouble. I’d been shaving for years before I tried waxing and I wish I’d started waxing much sooner.

Finally, according to the woman who does my waxing, women should avoid having any waxing or electrolysis done from about 3 days before the end of their menstrual cycle to about the 2nd day of bleeding. Looser skins cells lead to entire bits of skin coming off, not just hair, and your skin is apparently more sensitive then. shrug

Nocturn: That sounds like a good excuse!
“I’m sorry, I can’t have sex with you tonight, I’m not utilizing that area right now.”

ha ha

I think I’ve chimed in on this topic before, but what the hey…
I don’t shave. I don’t even own a razor. I used to do the whole leg/pits/bikini thing and I hated ever damn minute of it. It never made a whole lotta sense to me. One sex had to shave off most of their body hair because it was “gross” and “unsanitary”, yet the other sex got to flaunt the same hair (and often be seen as desirable because of it). Bleh!

Hell, I never wanted to start shaving to begin with. My mother forced me to do so at age 14. So I stopped shaving when I was about 22. No one seems to gives a rat’s ass (I’m 33 now). I’ve never been one to cave to any kind of peer pressure, so any disapproval would probably be lost on me anyway.
I’m such a rebel. :rolleyes:

Im male and i have physical disibilities so shaving is a hassle and a chore since id have to do it every day

If theres any way to remove hair permantly and is cost effective I’m there

I’ve shaved the nether regions when i was 12 and did it the wrong way and it was a painful experence I think iI’ve posted the specifics

But as a extremely hairy male I find the only advantage is some people like the bigfoot look

However I have picked up a fetish for being shaved by females

physically I’ve read that to your body shaving is a trauma and as a defense it makes the hair grow faster and thicker and its better if you shave say every 4 days or so
Now as for the bkikini shave on a woman my preference is its nicley thinned and trimmed but not totally hairless

I’m with you on guys with awfully hairy armpits. Augh!!! Leg hair is fine, nice even; some guys’ chest hair is OK, but armpit hair (especially dark & bushy) is just…disgusting. Sorry to any male dopers reading this that fall into the above category. :o

Me? I shave my legs when they start to drive me batty (usually once every couple of weeks in the winter, sometimes more often in the summer because of shorts). I am a redhead with very pale (blonde) body hairs, so I can get away with it. Freshly shaved does feel good, though!! When my armpits get uncomfortable or yicky, they get shaved as well. This is more frequently than my legs. Shave the bikini area only when I am going to be swimming, and then only just enough that I can decently wear my suit. I always get itchy bumps/red marks afterwards, though–maybe I will try the conditioner idea & see if it helps. Makes it hard if I am going to be swimming two days in a row, because it just looks weird.