I shaved my armpits, and I've never felt better!

I should’ve done this YEARS ago! Now my deodorant stick lasts more than a month, instead of two weeks. It’s easier to wash them, and get them REALLY clean (don’t even need shampoo!). And since the deodorant is applied more evenly, I use less but smell better.

I’m never going back!

Are you a man? :confused:

Oh, yes. :wink:

I was thinking the same thing…

Welcome to the 21st century, Lizard :wink:

Arrgh, I shaved my legs, that was good (see my old thread about hating body hair). Haven’t got the courage up to shave armpits yet (I do wear sleeveless t-shirts but not shorts, so armpits are more visable (yuck)). I am perverse but hetrosexual, would shaven armpits on a man put any of the ladies here off?

Cheers, Bippy

not me

I’ll bet stinky pits definitely would tho…

You shave your legs but aren’t brave enough to shave your armpits? Weird. It’s the other way around for me. Actually, I just don’t want the maintainence of keeping up with leg hair. I have been looking at these electric tweezer devices though. Supposed to be painful as hell, but can grab hairs as short as .5mm (as opposed to waxing, which requires about 6 weeks of growth I hear) and leaves the area hairless for about 4 weeks, plus the hair grows in less and less dense every time (same as waxing).

I like my boys with very little bodyhair. Hair down there is okay though, as long as it isn’t a freakin’ jungle. I have difficult armpits to shave, so I started plucking them a while back. Takes long, but feels so much nicer.

I shave a lot of stuff. Stuff that you probably shouldn’t post about in this forum, even. Armpits were never on the agenda. Let us know how it’s going once the itching starts.

I looooove a lack of hair in armpits on a guy.

Just out of curiosity, how many boys do you have ava and do you want any more :slight_smile:

Well ProjectOmega it’s just the visability thing I mentioned, no body I work with would ever be likely to see my legs (with have a trousers only policy) but when it gets hot it is fine for us to wear sleeveless t-shirts (yes it does look strange in 100 deg F temp seeing us in long trousers and skinny T’s).

Man shaving pits… doesn’t turn me on… at all.

I like male pit hair… chest hair… etc etc.
I also like the smell of a mildy sweaty man. THe musky “been working today” smell a man gets can turn me on. NOt the “I haven’t showered in months and I just played b-ball” stank.

MissBungle, is it ok to assume you’re a bit older? Like, say, late 20’s or in your 30’s+? The hairless-male (or at least less hairy male) trend is picking up speed particularly among younger generations.

I’ve been shaving my pits for about seven years or so. I’m a schvitzer, and I was tired of ruining undershirts as rapidly as I was and feeling sweat drip down my sides.

Now the anti-perspirant gets applied and stays where it’s most effective, I’m more comfortable, and feel fresher.

I still perspire, of course, but at a more manageable level.

And no one’s ever commented that it’s strange.

I use that on my pits and legs. BTW, I’m a girl.

They’re great but painful if you’re doing it the first time. My recommendation is to go to a pro for a waxing just so the pain isn’t as tortuous and it’s over quickly. Please don’t make my mistake.

With any waxing (or tweezing) there is going to be some hair breakage so you will see regrowth (not really, just the hairs that broke rather than pulled out by the roots) within a week. Start using the tweezing thing then and use it weekly for awhile, maybe a month.

I’m at the point now where I only have to use it every two weeks. Any less often than that you end up with random long hairs and this thing doesn’t work well on long hairs. Otherwise, it’s great.

But definitely go to a pro the first time.

I shave mine… body hair is just nasty in general… I used to shave my cheast… but my gf likes a little bit of hair…

I am not really hairy or anything… I just think it is nasty… so I trim everything… and shave a few things… I am also into weightlifting… so less bodyhair shows off your muscles a bit more…

By the way, once the hair is sparse, it’s not painful at all.

I don’t think ANYONE should have hair growing under their arms. I know it’s “natural” and all, but it just grosses me out to see a hairy pit. The most erotic thing a lover of mine ever did was shave his pits.