Women with underarm hair.

Some people find women with underarm hair disgusting. Personally, it’s cool with me. For the most part, I’m indifferent to it, but sometimes, it actually looks really good. I remember this girl in college who had it. It wasn’t a statement of some kind. She just let it grow, and still she looked sexy in that tank top.

I know I’m not alone in this. It’s nice to see women with underarm hair; I kind of like it. I wouldn’t say this is a fetish; it’s just something that I don’t mind, and something that can actually be quite attractive. I still prefer a woman to shave her legs, though.

Anyone else with me on this? Anyone have any insights on why people in certain countries (like mine, for instance) are turned off by female underarm hair? And isn’t it agonizingly painful to shave under one’s arms, anyway?

Only if you’re shaving the actual skin off… it’s not like it’s inherently painful any more than shaving your legs is. Or, I assume, shaving your face.

“Some people find women with underarm hair disgusting. Personally, it’s cool with me.”

—Ok, Wildest Bill, come out from under that gardening hat! WE know who you are!

I’m certain that Wildest Bill will be on the other side of that coin- saying that he would be grossed out by a “chick” with bushy pits because that would be too much like a “dude”.

So Chance, the underarm hair is OK, but what about her mustache?

Personally I prefer women with natural body hair. Women with no body hair tend to remind me unpleasantly of pre-pubescent little girls. Not that I have anything against little girls, I’m just not sexually attracted to them.

Slight moustache hair is okay. When it starts to get thick, I’m put off by it.

… I’m used to it, but even there women have begun shaving their pits. I have to share this with y’all though: I once had the um…pleasure of being on a nude beach in Germany (actually, I don’t think it was classified as such: the people just were naked, is all) and I saw a woman who looked like she had Willie Nelson in a headlock. I mean, the pit hair was really long.:wink:

Having said that, I must admit that the “Wille Nelson” comment did not originate with me, but I have been waiting forever to use it in a post, and so I wanna thank the OP for the opportunity.

Do I prefer ladies with pit hair? No, I don’t. Guess I have been an “Ami” too long! :slight_smile:



I’m with the OP on this. At worst, it isn’t gonna gross me out, and at best it is cute. OTOH, little red shaved-skin marks or stubble is a definite turn-off, and even in their absence, hairlessness there is kinda juvenile-looking.

That goes octuple for crotch fur.

We were on a history lecture circuit in Europe a few years back and I’ll never forget our attractive female guide pointing up at a particular steeple. I half expected a couple of Robin eggs to fall out of that bird’s nest in her pit, so great was my surprise. Upon reflection, it seemed pretty cool and natural and I’ve never had a problem with it since. Now, our guide’s odor in France… uh, different story.

And he’d be right. But that’s just my opinion. YMMV.

I’m intrigued. I’d like to subscribe to your newsletter.

Because I’ve always said to Mr. Jarbaby that europeans (and Germans specifically) must be thrilled to come over to North America and see all of us smooth women and he simply looks at me and says “why?”

I mean, I guess if you grow up around women who don’t shave their body hair, that’s what you would find sexy, just as I’ve grown up around smooth women, so I think that’s sexy.

In conclusion, I guess I’m just geocentric.


I’m in total agreement with Chance. Armpits unshorn, legs shorn, (unless it’s fine golden peachfuzz!), and little or no mustache.

And jarbaby, I’ve grown up with smooth women, so I don’t know why my preferences don’t go that way.

I’ve gotta go that I don’t really find body hair all that attractive. Which isn’t exactly a good thing, since it caused me to shave my own underarms (legs are hanging in there, but just barely). I guess I just hate how it looks or something, or more likely, I haven’t seen too many women WITH underarm hair, so I guess it could be attractive.

Ewww. Ewww. Ewww.


:: Running for the bathroom ::

In conclusion, I guess I’m just geocentric.

jarbaby **

No, I think you are just culturally aware.


Almost; it would be a “chic”.

Funny story to share…

I was visiting a quiet little college town in central California named San Luis Obispo. A unique point of interest in S.L.O. is a place called “Bubblegum Alley”- basically a narrow alley where, as some sort of strange tradition, people stick their chewed gum to the brick walls. As a result, there’s wads of gum covering the walls of this alley…

Anyway, this particular trip I stopped by a bagel place to get some breakfast. As I was waiting to order, a trio of “Hippie” kids (two boys and a girl, decked out in “Hippie” gear, and the girl possessing particulary dark, copious, an prominent underarm foliage- "Buckwheat in a headlock, as it were), were deciding where to go to eat their breakfast:

“How about the park?”


“The mall?”


“I know, Bubblegum Alley!”

Whereupon the young hippie girl pipes in with a disgusted “Eeeeeewww!!”

I guess everyone has their limits…

I’m all over that “Willie Nelson in a headlock” comment. That was beautiful. I shall unapologetically coopt it. :slight_smile:

Let me preface this by saying I don’t think women should feel obligated to shave anything.

I shave my armpits. I feel uncomfortable if I don’t, and it seems to me (although this might be my imagination), that I get body odor quicker if my armpits are not cleanly shaven. So I shave. I do not shave my legs. I sometimes wax, sometimes I just let it alone. I have very light-colored leg hair and my boyfriend says you can hardly tell. I am a natural blonde, and if I hadn’t shaved for six years before giving up, I’m sure my leg hair would be totally imperceptible, like my sister’s, who never got sucked into shaving in the first place. You can’t even tell on her, and she’s a brunette! sigh

I don’t care if a guy finds it attractive or not I shave my pits. For me. I feel unclean and smelly if I even miss a day … I can’t imagine having a full nest of hair. The thought turns me off and that’s enough of a reason for me to shave 'em :slight_smile: