What do you think about men shaving their armpits?

Do you have an opinion about it? Personally, I think it looks better and I really don’t see why some people have such a problem with it.

My feeling is that a human being should be allowed to wear his/her hair the way he/she wants to. If a man wants to shave his pits I don’t give a damn, they’re his pits, not mine.

Of course, this gets into all sorts of cultural BS about manliness, but since current trends are towards removal of body hair rather than cultivation I doubt this will be an issue in the future. Except, maybe, for men who don’t remove hair in a society where that is considered the norm.

I’m totally opposed to any “manscaping” . . . especially when it comes to dainty, pencil-thin eyebrows. Armpit hair? Keep it, along with everything else. Someday this hairless fad will be over, and once again men will look like men.

Have women started to let their pits grow yet? Because it’s been almost a hundred years since the “fad” got started for them.

I think it is crazy, but if it turns them on, why should I care? I also don’t care whether a woman shaves hers, or her legs for that matter. It has been 48 years since I shaved.

I think other people’s hair is their own, and they’re free to do with it as they choose.

But the OP asks for my aesthetic opinion. I prefer everybody to be unshaven everyplace. I find human bodies generally appealing and suspect that this appeal is either the primary, or a major, influence on the evolution of hair distribution. I also find the scent of healthy humans appealing, and have read that scent appeal in particular is thought to be a driving force in the evolution of hair distribution.

Finally, it is important to tie together these two points: I don’t think it’s anybody else’s job to be appealing to Napier.

I personally cut most of the bush off with scissors while not shaving totally clean.

I have a friend with a skin condition that is irritated by body hair. He always had the rash worst in his armpits because he refused to shave them since there was a chance his buddies would see his hairless armpits and make fun of him. He did shave his chest because I guess that was acceptable (some dudes are just hairless there, so the other guys wouldn’t notice) and of course, downtown.

Absolutely childish but there you go.

Anyway, I’m fine with however someone else wants to handle their own body.

My chest hair will grow continually and get a foot long if I don’t mow it down once a year or so, my arm hair gets so thick that it appears I have dirt on my arms so again I have to mow it down a bit just so I don’t look dirty. I prefer not to do anything with it. I have no problem what anyone else does.

What do I think about it? I love armpits with hair, either gender. When I say love, I mean I like to get right up in there.

I love hairy armpits, but that doesn’t mean I think it should be a mandate for anyone. I prefer hair, but I will gladly take a clean shaven crevice of underarm if offered.

I’m a woman. I don’t mean to insult men when I say this, but maybe if more of them shaved their armpits, they’d stink less. (I’m not saying all men stink or anything, but in my experience, it seems that more men than women smell of BO, and I’m wondering if armpit shaving or not shaving has something to do with it.)

I guess I’d think it was kind of weird if I dated a guy who did it. I don’t know really…I’d probably make a fun a little bit just because I’m a cruel person, and then let it go.

Good point. Agreed. :slight_smile:

But if we’re just voting on what we prefer: all natural, all over for me please.

Yep, the Shane Rule applies here - a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. Hair management seems to be different for everyone, and hair grows at different rates in different areas. I can literally grow a goatee over a 3-day weekend, but I can’t grow a full beard given years. That mutton-chop area Wolverine has never grows beyond stubble with me. I can picture some guys needing to shave or trim areas I don’t.

Well…it depends. I watch a lot of pro wrestling and wrestlers generally don’t have any body hair. I’m pretty oblivious to details so I didn’t actually notice this until someone pointed it out, but now that I’ve noticed I can see how it’s aesthetically more pleasing to be able to admire the fit male form sans hair. Nobody wants to see a yucky armpit bush, especially a sweaty one.

On the other hand, the idea of men shaving their armpits is a little…I don’t know, less than masculine, I guess. The average schlubby dude probably looks better with some body hair disguising his less-than-ideal physique, and average-schlubby-dude is my preferred type. My husband is of the no-hair-on-top-but-plenty-everywhere-else phenotype, and I think he’s a sexy beast.

So, to sum up: wrestlers yes shaving, regular guys no shaving.

I trim it down severely with the beard trimmer on my electric razor once or twice a year, because otherwise it gets really long and starts getting caught/pinched in some shirts, which is much more annoying.

Shave, as in with a blade? No way.

Right, but this thread was about armpits.

I like it, prefer it even. Same reason I like it on women - it looks neater, and better, to my eyes. I don’t dislike body hair (in fact I rather love me some stomach, chest, arm and leg hair on a man), but I don’t like the look of long, wild, bushes of hair. So armpits and pubes aren’t something I’m all that into. I’d never expect or ask anyone to groom though. My boyfriend is on the hairier side, especially in the armpits, and it’s not like it makes him less attractive to me.

I’ve noticed shaved armpits attractive men before (at yoga class or on the beach) and I find it a turn-on.

Trimming/shaving the pits does seem to cut down on the odor during the hot-weather months. Possibly the hair slows sweat evaporation, and provides more surface area for odor-causing bacteria to grow on. I generally don’t shave my pits, but I’ve been known to do so when I expect to be sweating a lot for a while.

I have never, ever even considered that a man might do this, but now I love the idea. Armpit hair is pretty gross.