Why do people continue to wage a war on body hair?

Depends which body parts you’re talking about.

Nose and ears - momentary flame from a BIC lighter does a nice trim. Before the shower, to wash away the smell.

NOTICE - This method should only be used on public hair.

As someone who is hairy enough to make shaving below the face unfeasible, I second “cruel fashion.” I trim my nose hair and eyebrows, and shave occasionally and get haircuts, but everything else people are going to have to live with.

Please talk to your MD about you pulling your nose hair. It’s not safe.

I’m not a low-grade guerilla. But unshaven, I indeed appear to be a low-grade gorilla. Maybe this is all a matter of spelling. :smiley:

I’m lucky in many ways about hair, except on top of my head, which has typical male pattern baldness, so I keep it really short, like the #2 clipper that someone mentioned. I think it’s 1/8", and when it grows out to about 3/8" is when I have it cut. My facial hair is soft, slow-growing, and patchy; I shave every 3 days. I trim my eyebrows with the same 1/8" trimmer. I trim my nose hairs and don’t have any problem with irritation when they grow back.

I now have hair growing in my shoulders, which I don’t like, but no-one else seems to care.

My pubes are also soft and also very light brown so they blend in and barely show visually. Occasionally I will almost shave it down to the skin with a clipper that is almost but not quite as close as shaving with a razor. I do this for me, it makes me feel a little sexier for a little while. But I agree that when it gets sweaty down there it can be a little uncomfortable. This is another area that gives me no problem as it is growing back.

So mostly lucky in most areas that people seem to care about.

Agreed - and I’ll add, you might try a different trimmer if the first one wasn’t satisfactory. Or try doing a less thorough job - leaving the hairs a bit longer can mitigate the prickle factor. :slight_smile:

Very occasionally there is a practical reason for this. I have a short beard now, but some 20-odd years ago I had to maintain a clean jawline because I was required to wear a full SCBA on a regular basis.

I’ve read a theory that women started shaving their legs to distinguish themselves from men (not all women are curvy). There’s also the Lolita factor, hair growth on the legs (for both sexes) is a sign of puberty. Same goes for the nether regions.

Ethnicity plays a factor. Some women (especially Asians) have very fine or no hair on their legs or under their arms and rarely or don’t shave. I’ve seen some natural blondes whose hair is so fine and light, it appears be non-existent. On the opposite end, I know some Okinawans who even shave their arms because the hair is so course and heavy. I can’t fully explain the facial features that distinguishes Okinawans from Japanese, but when I tell people I’m half Okinawan and half Japanese, they often look at my arms and say, “But you’re not hairy!”.

I can’t grow a beard that covers any more than my chinny, chinny chin. But the two times I’ve grown out what I call a mustache, I hated the almost constant itch during the first week or so, and if I ate something with cheese, that all I could smell until I showered or washed my face.

There’s also a sense of “feeling clean” and the smoothness of bare skin. I shaved my head bald twice and it felt great when I washed it. I envy men with shiny tops!

BecauseAllah demandscomplete removal. No half-measures.

Big. Freakin’. Deal.

Hair between the teeth happens from time to time. If that’s enough to kill the mood for you (well, not you specifically Der Trihs;)), then you’re not that into it. And what about bodily fluids ? Ewww, icky. Are we going to try and get rid of them, too :rolleyes: ?

Plus, I find the attitude completely incoherent. The vast majority of men, even the “bare skin purists” wouldn’t demand that women shaved their heads, too. Quite the contrary, beautiful hair is often considered an asset. What’s the logic, there ?

The thing is, I grew up in the 80s, which should be enough to tell you what type of features first aroused my interest. Pubes were the irrefutable proof that we were seeing the real thing. Completely naked, for real. That was a powerful visual cue, which is completely lost with “no body hair look”. I mean, it might as well be the lady’s elbow. Nothing to see here.

Plus pubes are fun. They come in all sorts of textures, colours and patterns, almost as distinctive and beautiful as head hair.

I come from a long line of hairy men.

We are furry, and proud.

Hair on the sides of the head in bald men is only bad if you look like Larry Fine of the Three Stooges.

This. Completely shaven women look vaguely like small children or aliens to me. Big turnoff, I’m curious to see what a new partner is sporting down there.

Excellent username/post combo.

I’ve heard before that it’s “not safe,” but I have no idea what “not safe” means.

Does it mean that if 100 people do it every three months, one of them will eventually die from it (in which case I’ll stop)?

Or does it mean that if 100,000 people do it every three months, then one of them will eventually die from it (in which case I’m not terribly worried)?

FWIW, this doctor says it’s a gross exaggeration of a theoretical problem - which brings up the question, are there documented cases of nose-hair plucking leading to life-altering complications?

Because unshaved looks gross and the world must cater to my opinion. (I do like a bit of a landing strip though).

Because coarse hairs on a woman’s face or chest is ugly. Even if you’re not a slave to fashion.

Yeah, that’s pretty much my attitude as well. I shave my face daily, mostly because it’s a wife mandate, and I trim my nostril and ear hair. My eyebrows get trimmed every five weeks when I get a haircut.

But below the neck? I’m unrepentantly natural.

A friend of mine hitchhiked from Pittsburgh to Atlanta decades ago to get a tattoo (he is a tattoo artist) from a famous dude in Atlanta*****. He spent two days and every penny he brought at the tattoo shop.

On his way home he was arrested for vagrancy in Georgia. He spent three days in jail and contracted lice. When he got back to Pittsburgh he shaved every hair from his body. Every hair. And he has stayed shaved ever since.

So, to answer the OP: because of Southern cops.
*Irony: a few months after this whole thing happened, the tattoo artist from Atlanta visited Pittsburgh’s Meeting of the Marked tattoo convention. The trip was totally unnecessary.

My esteemed European ancestors were all Nordic or North Saxons. Fur is my destiny, and I embrace it. I put the “hair suit” into “hirsute”.

In the summer, my beard is a tasteful circle-style beard, but I’m not dogmatic about shaving it on days off. In the winter, full beard including neckbeard, because it’s good warm insulation and wind protection.

Yeah, I have a hairy chest and belly, with some on the shoulders and back. I would actually love to be a lot hairier!