Why do people yell "Whoo, hoo!" when they are excited?

It seems to me that some people, and I think they are mainly women, scream “whoooooo!” over and over again when they are excited. Is there a reason they don’t scream something that is actually a word? I seem to yell “YES!” or something along those lines when I am excited. Is this mostly a female phenomenon? What are your thoughts?

*This is not a sexual question.

Whoo hoo!

Because it’s easier than yelling, “Skiddle-dee doo-wop de-BANG-[sub]hroll-hroll[/sub] Bip-zowie!” over and over again.

Drives me nuts. Especially the ones that do the “woowoowoowoowoowoo” until you want to choke them. My personal theory is that it originated as a substitute for a loud whistle, which not everyone is capable of doing (for you non-USA types, whistling at sports events in the states won’t get you punched in the nose). It’s sort of a phonetic version, if you will. And no, there is no cite for this, and yes, it’s based purely on my own twisted logic.

When you yell “Excelsior!” you get looks.

I think Bruce_Daddy has it right (at least, that’s why I say it). It comes from Homer Simpson. It just feels right, and sounds better than “yay.”

I personally prefer a “high-five” - especially after mind-numbing, toe-curling sex

I guess I should be more clear. I am not talking about the short Homer Simpsonesque “whoo, hoo”. I really am refering to the long held out “wooooooooooooooo” you might here from someone that just won some money on Wheel of Fortune or something. I agree with ChefGuy, this is very annoying.


An older derivation (for Americans) may come from the cowboy’s habit of yelling yahoo or yeehaw! Then again, America is full of wahoos as it is. Such cries may have originated during primal hunting forays and quite likely find some historical source in driving animals (i.e., gee and gaw). Vocalization serves as a release for pent emotion (e.g., orgasms, hitting your thumb with a hammer, stubbing your toe). It can also provide venting of distracting thoughts, as in the case of martial arts practitioners yelling before landing a blow.

Above all, it’s fun.

Actually I’m thinking about yelling “EXCELSIOR!” after mind-numbing, toe-curling sex… :smiley:

I’d definately get a reaction, but isn’t that what the crazy guy on “Mork and Mindy” used to say? :confused:

Woooo hoooo! is the excited version of crying.

Crying is the way sadness or anger (or happines) comes out when there is no other way for it to. People sometimes can’t just say “I feel sad”

The strong emotions just gotta come out, they push themselves out, and wooohooo! is their conduit.

Think rollercoasters. Although now that I think about that, there’s more of a primal scream with those.
Wooohooing is more like when there’s good powder on the mountain. I as a skier hate wooooohoooers, but I have been moved to make said noise on a REALLY good powder run, it just came out.

Now, with martial arts, the woohoo is encouraged in the form of a kiyaa, or spirit yell. This of course was mastered by Bruce Lee, and never equalled IMO.

I thought you were referring to the “Whoooo!” that people do at concerts. I had always assumed that that particular noise was Nature’s way of making sure that assholes scared off potential mates.

Because people just yell when they’re excited, that’s all – it’s instinct. And of things to yell, “woo hoo” is pretty mindless, but it is by no means (as one can see from the posts above) the only thing people yell.

Hmm … I wonder how universal “woo hoo” is? Is it likely to be heard in China or the Kalahari?

Yeah, some people just don’t “get” curled wood shavings.