Why do Politicians have funny names?

Another favorite name:

American Joe Miedusiewski, who served for 20 years in the Maryland legislature from East Baltimore, and finished second in the 1994 Democratic primary for Governor.

(Yes, he legally changed his name to that.)

How about the second premier of the province of British Columbia? He was Amour de Cosmos (French for “Love of the Universe” - he was born William Alexander Smith and legally changed his name). B.C. politics has gone downhill ever since.

I know several Eugenes, two Rodneys, but no Chesters. However I also know an Ullrikka, three Lafes, a Megazone and a ‘9’.

I still don’t see any evidence that politicians have any more unusual names than the general population. I think your threshold for unusual is rather low.

Nor Salmon Portland Chase and Meriwether Lewis. OK, Chase was a politician, but not Lewis.