Names you shouldn't go into Politics with.

I can’t believe they left out Dick Ryder. And not a Bush in sight.

Any others?

There was a British Labour MP called Seymour Cocks.

It seems the Nazis took him seriously, at least.

The Honorable Richard Face was a state member of parliament round here for over 30 years, and a Minister for Gaming and Racing for 8 of those years. You just didn’t (and don’t) call the former MP “Dick Face”.

You probably shouldn’t go into politics if your name is very similar to a mass-murdering terrorist.

Oh, wait…

I wonder if Moe Szyslak would, too.

It may have been George Will who said he’d give Gary Hart a pass on changing his name, because his birth name (Hartpence) would have been “the wimpiest name in American politics since Millard Fillmore”.

Weiner, especially if you like to send out cell phone pics of your Johnson…


Then there was porn star/Cook County attorney general, Dick Devine.

Canaan Banana and Goodluck Jonathan didn’t seem to have their careers stunted, but maybe they had to stay in Africa to do it.

Jack, no need to be coy, he calls himself Dick so you can too.

Tokyo Sexwale is a pretty amazing name. I think you’d have to go into politics; I’d have a difficult time not voting for that guy.

Rich White, republican is my favourite.

A long-time Texas state treasurer – an elected office – was named Jesse James. Toward the end of his life, there were rumors that he had changed his name to that in order to stick out in voters’ minds, but I never knew if that was true. I believe he held the office for 36 years.

You can have the name “Norman Dicks” but if so, you should never ever join a commission that writes something called the “Cox Report.”

In a recent California election, one of the candidates was a “Jim Theis.” Fortunately for him, not the infamous writer of “The Eye of Argon”, a fantasy story that’s SO incredibly bad, that it’s lead to contests where the story is mocked, and readers aren’t allowed to laugh at the horrible plotting, grammar, characterization, etc. But still, it’s not an auspicious name for a politican. If you are James Theis, I’d think you’d go by that, or maybe a middle name. See: The Eye of Argon - Wikipedia and the politician, ran for Board of Equalization:

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“Donald Trump.” It’s not a porn-name exactly, but it presents a serious danger that people might confuse you with that worthless piece of shit from The Apprentice.

[Anything] Bush.

there’s 100 million super pac dollars to attest to that.

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