Why do softdrinks taste so bad once they go flat?

Does the carbon dioxide really have a flavor or does it just effect the way the flavor reacts with your taste buds? It doesn’t seem like any of the ingredients responsible for the flavor would be changed just because the gas leaks out. But anyone who accidentally drinks from a bottle that has gone flat knows how bad the taste can be.

Personally, I enjoy some cokes once they go flat (Especially Coke, Pepsi and Sun-Drop.)

Yes, I do think that the CO2 has at least some impact on flavor (think about it: can’t you taste the difference when a drink is over-carbonated?)

CO[sub]2[/sub] when dissolved in water produces carbonic acid, and like all acids, it tastes sour. Since it’s a weak acid, the taste isn’t very strong, but it’s certainly noticeable in it’s absence. To me, flat sodas taste too sweet.

Coke is good flat.

So is 7-Up, as long as it’s cold. Or mixed with vodka.

Bad? I love Flat pop!! :smiley:

Its just so…non burning!

as a sailor, I’ve had to advise many landlubbers on how to deal with seasickness. I’ve been told many a time to feed the sick flat coke and mashed potatoes, because they’re not too harsh on the way back up the esophagus. I’ve never tried it though, I can’t handle caffeine

I’ve heard of flat coke too as an hangover cure.

Well, flat pop often tends to be warm pop – the can left on the coffee table. Or it tends to be old pop, possibly tinny tasting. Diet sodas in particular seem to lose their punch over time.

I like the carbonation, but I don’t think it adds much taste.

I think youre outumbered here.
I oly like flat pop.
I put in a few ice cubes, then wait about 15 minutes.
Don’t like it any other way!

you’re all insane, flat coke makes you feel seedy :rolleyes:
However too much CO2 is doubly so; I like it about midway through a can, its just perfect at the level.

I know it is off subject but another lover of cold, flat pop here. At work I always open a bottle, stick it in the fridge and drink it a few hours later, having shaken it ocassionally. At home I never put the screw tops back on the 2 liters.

Buy Kool Aide it is a lot cheaper than flat soda.

Isnt kool aid extra sugary though? more so than an average pop?

Go even cheaper and get the kool aide where you add your own sugar.