Why do some people sound different in recordings?

“OMG is that what I sound like on the phone?!”

Yea that curious fact that certain people can sound remarkably different over the phone or in audio recordings, it can’t be due to crappy tech either as it still happens now and isn’t only a thing of the past.

It only effects some people too, to varying degrees.

I’m pretty sure it is crappy tech. Phones and commercial recorders have bad mics and really compress the audio stream. I always think I sound weird on the phone, but when I got my really good microphone and went to record myself with no compression on my computer I found I sound perfectly normal.

Ahhhh, if you’re only talking about people not liking the way their own voice sounds when played back, that’s do to a physiological reason. You don’t hear the majority of the sound of your own voice the way others do, i.e. via vibrating air waves leaving your mouth and entering your ear canals. You hear it thru vibrating bone matter from your throat, jaw & skull reaching your eardrums directly. Consequently your voice almost always sounds deeper & fuller to yourself than it does to others.

I’ve never noticed anyone else ever sounding significantly different to me in a recording versus live…

I totally agree with ** Hail ants**. And I’m curious why the quality of the equipment made a difference to ** Jragon**, because that won’t affect the fact that you’re used to hearing your voice via your skull but this time you’re not.

It’s not the same voice I hear in my head, but I sound way more nasally, annoying, and high pitched on phones and pocket recorders. I’m frequently mistaken for a woman on phones. I don’t sound like I sound in my skull on my mic, but my voice sounds like a normal person’s voice. And sounds similar enough to what I hear in my head that I can accept it’s me, unlike what I hear on the phone.