Why do some people sweat when eating spicy foods

and some don’t. I eat five medium chicken wings, or a roti, and I sweat like I just ran the Boston Marathon. And yet I know some poeple (most, I think) that don’t perspire at all, regardless of how spicy the food they’re eating. Is sweating an allergic reaction? Is it an inherited trait? Whats the scoop?

AFAIK, it’s related to how intense the seasoning feels to the person (one builds up a tolerance to spiciness over time). I know that unless I eat something that’s blistering hot (and a lot of it) I won’t start sweating.

Not only do I sweat like a mofo’, my nose runs too. It looks like I’ve been crying if I eat some really hot stuff.

I like to eat spicey foods from time to time, I love a chorizo burrito, and give a shake or two of hot sauce on spagetti, and a bit of the hot stuff on brats. Usually no prob. A coworker gave a bottle of mad dog 357 sauce, I put a couple drops in a bowl of chili and I damn near died. My eyes were running, probably trying to keep up with my nose which was also running, my lips were numb, I had sweat running off my face dripping onto my shirt, I swear my hair was sweating. I think is just what you are used to. After I recovered from near death, I read the bottle. 357,000 SCO. I was used to the 2000-4000 range. Tabasco and a little hotter. I had crossed into the pro zone. Lesson learned, read the bottle first…Anyone up for a halloween party including “Bobbing for habinaros”? First one to get one gets to suck the tank dry trying to put out the fire…

Capsaicin, the chemical which makes peppers hot, stimulates the sympathetic nervous system (among other things) which in turn enervates sweat glands.

On the British motoring show “Top Gear”, presenter Richard Hammond got a hold of a pepper so hot that he put on gloves to pick it up. He then got up the nerve to touch it to his tongue. The in-car camera showed him driving back to the studio. He was crying like his mother had died.

Thank you, QtM. I didn’t know that. (Now I do.)