Why do some people think a fart is so funny?

Ok, Posted this in IMHO because I doubt there is a truly factual reason, but rather a bunch of opinions.


It is only gas passing from the body. It isn’t like it is unnatural or something. I just wonder why everybody from the average 3rd grade classroom all the way up to (sadly) adults, find it funny.
I don’t find it amusing, I simply move away from whoever passed the gas. It isn’t like whoever it is got up and said a joke or something, it just seems odd.

Odd post, I know. But what is it about a fart that makes people crack up?

Just a guess, but it probably has something to do with what is normally a very private bodily function being shared (purposely or not) with other people (usually your friends).

Do people laugh at their own farts when alone at home? I doubt it.

If you’re on an elevator full of strangers and someone lets one go, do you laugh or think “Gross!” and try to hold your breath?

But if you’re on your way to (insert location here: ballgame, lake, movie, etc) with your good friends and someone lets loose, hilarity ensues.

Just my perspective. It’s probably a guy thing to.

yeah… But usually the response is “open a window” with a good percentage of the people. But some people just crack up if anyone else is near when they let one go.

The social station of those inolved may affect the reaction, too. If it’s the Queen of England, for example, in front of a bunch of commoners. They might not laugh directly in front of her, as that would be bad form, but I’ll bet they’d be amused.

Brash sound
Weird smell
Comes from your butt!
What’s not to get?

In some situations a really hearty fart would be hilarious - such as at a quiet, serious, emotional moment in a film at the cinema.

I think clayton is talking about people who laugh wildly at all and any farts. I think the hysteria is mostly some sort of byproduct of toilet training. Some people develop some kind of defensive response to bathroom functions that makes them laugh wildly at farts and fartlike sounds. They are more to be pitied than anything else.

What about women’s farts?

What about them?

They can be funny, too! :slight_smile:

I sat next to a very pretty girl at work, very well-spoken and dignified. She frequently cut really loud (though odorless) farts. They were loud enough the first few times I thought she had just made an embarassing noise by sliding across her seat wrong or something like that, but their regularity and their coinciding with her shifting her butt in her seat eventually convinced me otherwise. It was hard not to chuckle sometimes.

They’re the funniest of all!

My cousin, when going to the movies, is prone to making loud, wet farting noises by fluttering his lips, particulary during quiet romantic scenes.

I’m generally murderous when it comes to people talking or making noises at the theatre, but when me and him saw “Unfaithful” and he proceeded to let loose with extremely LOUD farting noises (that sounded like diaherra ripping from a sore ass) during every one of the sex scenes, I started laughing so helplessly that I had to get up and hang out in the hallway for a few minutes to get it out of my system.

When I returned, he was still doing it.

By the way, If you wish to have the loudest, longest, and liveliest farts, try roasted soy nuts. If my experience with soy nuts were made into a movie it would be called ‘Eight Seconds.’ :slight_smile:

I once had a roommate who was a really hot woman, and she could fart intentionally: loud, long and odorless. Which she would do when she saw men checking her out on the street, just to see what their reaction was.

I’m lauging just reading about it.

Although they are funnier when shared with others (particularly in public in the presence of Mom), I also laugh when I am alone.

Why is it funny?

pizzabrat said it best.

Now that I think about it, it’s like I have been laughing at the same joke for over 30 years, and I still think it’s funny.

I guess farts qualify as the best damn joke in the world.

I’m thinking of the bit in Bill Cosby: Himself now where he describes his father’s chair lifting off the ground from his farts. God that’s funny.

While I don’t find all farts funny, I do occasionally laugh at my own even when I’m alone. What tickles me is when the fart resembles a word. My butt apparently needing to make a statement, “kitty!” will make me laugh every time. lieu started a hilarious thread about this experience.

Even my 3 year old son knows that farts are funny.

We call them “pant pops” and this happened the other night just as he was about to step into his bath.

He: <<Brrraaappp!!!>> Grinning - “I just did a pant pop!”

Me: “But you’re not wearing pants!?!?!?”

He: A pensive look, then a broad smile “I just did a bottom pop!!!”

Father and son break out laughing.

(End of scene)