Why do sportswriters ask questions that require tampering?

Why do sportswriters ask GMs questions, especially in football, that require that the GM commit tampering, if he wants to give an honest answer?


You mean talk about a trade or signing that’s not finalized yet? Can you give an example?

If I were to speculate, it’s because they’re always trying to get as many hints or baits as they can to fill up their twitter feed. That’s part of their job.

Talking about players on others teams that are still under contract.

During certain time periods, a team will have exclusive rights to negotiate with their own player for a contract extension. An opposing GM saying publicly that they would want to sign said player is considered tampering with those exclusive rights.

The writers are just trying to get a scoop for their column, but it doesn’t make the question any less ridiculous.

Because the fans want to know. If next fall your team has a need for a first baseman, you will want to know if they’ll go after Albert Pujols. The fans want that question answered, so the reporter asks. That’s his job.

The GM just gives a vague answer (i.e, “We’re always interested in top talent, but we are still formulating our plans.”). That’s his job.