Why do the Simpsons wear the same clothes every episode?

Another joke about wearing the same clothes:

Lisa: “It feels like I’ve been wearing this same red dress for years!”. (When Marge is in jail and no-one else can wash clothes. Think Homer in a wedding dress.)

Bart wears a blue jacket to church. Maybe that’s what Homer meant?

No!!! He meant what I said! THAT was the joke!

Well we all saw what hapened to Homer when he wore a pink shirt to work one day. Poor guy, can’t blame him for not wanting to try out new things anymore.

He and the family just change into their winter clothes, which are the same winter clothes they’ve been wearing for 11 years too.

Yeah, maybe.

Remember Lisa’s little black cocktail dress in the episode with the new girl, Alex? And the episode where she becomes cool, and looks like “Blossom.”

Oh, and a reference to how they all dress the same, even (mostly) in cold weather. “It was an unusually warm Valentine’s Day, so the children all walked home without jackets.”

WTF?!?! I already said the correct answer! He was referring to the blue shirt Bart wears on Simpsons merchandise! Why are you people ignoring me!?

Also, the animators have enough to do without having to update the characters’ clothes to fit current styles.

As far as the clothes themselves, Marge and Lisa are a tad easier to animate this way. Marge’s legs are hidden by the long tube, and Lisa’s arms move independent of sleeves. Maggie, of course, is happy crawling around in her little bag.