Animated shows where the characters change outfits regularly?

Are there any animated TV shows where the characters wear different clothes, instead of the same outfit each day? I can’t think of any! Well, in terms of webcomics, Questionable Content does feature the characters in different clothes. So I suppose we can count comics, too.

Bugs Bunny had quite a . . . “diverse” wardrobe.

In webcomics, Agatha Heterodyne of *Girl Genius *and some of the other characters change outfits now and then. Just to grab some random examples, she’s in different outfits here, here, here ( in disguise ), here, here, and here.

I can’t think of one off the top of my head.

I should not know this because I am way too old, but I thought it was a funny little show: the series Braceface (starring Alicia Silverstone) had different outfits. Admittedly it was a show for preteen girls, so maybe having a varied wardrobe was de rigeur.

Frankly I’m surprised Josie and the Pussycats didn’t have costume changes – well, aside from their “normal” outfits and the leopard-skin leotards they wore for concert attire. And on the Archie cartoons, I can’t believe they allowed Veronica Lodge to wear the same outfit every day! Absurd!

I’m trying to think of episodes within shows where there were changes now since it doesn’t seem there are too many shows where this happened. Like the Simpsons episode where they go on vacation (Summer of 4’2) and Lisa wears “cool” clothes.

The only animated show I can think of off the top of my head where characters frequently had different clothess As Told By Ginger.

Does anime count? Card Captor Sakura has different outfits for every Clow card, I suspect because they wanted to show they weren’t cheating with the animation like He-Man used to do. :slight_smile:

Disney’s The Weekenders—god rest it’s zombie bones—used to do it.

Aaaand…TV Tropes’ Limited Wardrobe entry has a list of shows that were exceptions to the rule, as well. (Say goodbye to your day, incidentally. :devilsmile: )

TV tropes - “Unlimited Wardrobe” lists examples of characters having large wardrobes, including a western animation section. On the anime side, I hadn’t noticed that Asahina Mikuru in Suzumiya Haruhi never wears the same casual clothes twice – apart from the variety of cosplay outfits that Suzumiya forces her to wear.

Not to mention here.

My recollection is that the characters in the Macross section, at least, of Robotech wore different civilian outfits. However, since most of the characters were uniformed military, it didn’t come up much. As I think about it, secondary characters always wore the same thing. But on the rare occasions when one of the leads was in civilian dress, it wasn’t always the same thing.


Kirika and Mireille in Noir wear different outfits just about every episode for about the first half of the series, then they apparently needed to trim back the art budget or something because they wear pretty much the same stuff for the entire second half. Boo.

In Pokémon, Ash and Dawn have worn different clothes for their contests appearances, and all three are adventurers are wearing new outfits now as their travels take them north towards Snowpoint City. Ash’s outfit has also changed over the previous years several times.

Jem and the Holograms! Glitter, fashion and fame!

Avatar: The Last Airbender changes the character’s outfits up a bit as the show progresses. Here, here, and here, for some examples.

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You do realize that between your first and third links, only one of the characters changes outfits? And not by much?

No, but between my second and third links, one of the characters changes his outfit pretty radically. The guy in the brown robe in pic 2 is the same guy in red in pic 3.

Pretty much everybody in “Bleach” wear different clothes in nearly every episode.