Why do the "Talking Heads"...

Wait… “The Talking Heads”…those folks who are making thousands of times more than …the “Middle Class”?..less than the “Middle Class” all talk the same scholck?

They report. They hammer one another with “Liberal” or “Conservative” or “Libertarian”…STUFF.

And yet…

ALL of them KNOW that they are STRATOSPHERES above you and I when it comes to $$$$MONEY$$$$.

Willie Geist…Joe Scarbourough…Mika (whatever and her father)… reporting from Pat Buchanan’s viewpoint…or Rahm Emanuels or Timothy Geiterner’s or Ben Bernanke’s or Hank Paulsen’s…

Glen Beck.

Rush Limbaugh.

Barack Obama.

Goldman Sachs.

Folks ALL ACROSS THE WORLD with bazillions of $$$$$dollars$$$$$…

THEY are the ‘brethren.’

Working with ‘one another’ to turn the World this way or that…


A guy who sold many folks into believing the whole thing.





WHO will win?

We shall see. I guess.

In the meanwhile…“WE The People” are screwed…in every country and in every instance.

Unless, of course you have BILLIONS to throw away…

See, if you “lurk” long enough it all just builds up, then one day . . .

Perhaps there are people who should remain “lurking.”

Is there a non-rhetorical question in all of that? The only thing that qualifies as a question that I see is, essentially, “why do ‘talking heads’ on the left and right continue to foment anger, distrust, and dislike for the opposite side?”

Why do the “talking heads” do it? You have your answer. Money. And, no doubt, some of them genuinely feel that way about the other side of the isle.

dude, switch to decaf.

Well, Super Kapowzler hasn’t been on in 2 weeks, so someone has to take up the slack…

You’re right.



Perhaps you will give YOUR rendition of what makes OBAMA or Goldman Sachs or the Democratic Party or the soliciting of funds…or of WHATEVER TURNS YOUR CRANK…a GREATER ‘Moral’ or ‘Monetary’ authority than any other thing?

Talking Heads?
Qu’est-ce que c’est?

Band name…oh, wait.

Yeah, it has been done, hasn’t it? Never mind.

you stop making sense.

well, that’s life during wartime…

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