why do they give out awards for perfect attendance

it’s not fair that someone should be expected to last the hole school year without getting sick

and maybe it encourages kids to go to school when sick and infect others

I seriously doubt any kids actually care about perfect attendance. Especially the prospect of maybe getting a little ribbon at the end of the year, versus staying home today. It’s a silly award, but at least it does provide a little bit of recognition to those physically superior specimens who don’t get sick all the time.

Or the ones that go in when sick, spreading germs to everyone else.

Lots of schools receive funding based, or at least partially based, on attendance records. The more often you show up to school the more money they get.

On the other hand, if you attend every day, you won’t miss the day the teacher discusses the difference between “hole” and “whole”.

I had perfect attendance at hole school. That’s because I really dug the subject matter.

PSXer must be a guy.

No periods.

What’s the matter, PSXer? Did your college kick you out and send you back to high school?

It’s not expected that everyone can, but some people can, and it’s nice to give them some small recognition for never saying, “Ah, I don’t feel like going to school today.” Awards are given for sillier things than that.

Schools are giving out more and more awards to try to raise money from the huge tips people give them when passing out the certificates.

Am I the only one whose school didn’t have them? We had an awards ceremony day in high school for subject awards and general community service type ones and athletic ones but not one for attendance.

I had a friend who didn’t miss a day of school from first day of 1st grade to the last day of high school. He got some special framed award and a letter from the Cardinal read at graduation.

To get you ready for working in the real world where no one will care if you have the sniffles or not.

Toughen up, kids!

I remember they had them when I was in school and also when my oldest was in school. Her school gave kids pizza parties for perfect attendance! My five year old’s school does not mention attendance certificates at all.

I don’t think anyone in this house ever got one.

They have to, thanks to all the money they’re losing on the kids who simply eat out of the garbage instead of buying school lunch.

My folks always scoffed at the 2-liter bottle of soda awarded to kids with perfect attendance for the year.

“Wouldn’t you rather skip? I’ll buy you soda.”

What if they threw a perfect attendance party and nobody showed up?

I used to go right up to the limit of unexplained absences you were allowed before they dropped you a letter grade.

But that was it’s own reward.

My daughter was supposed to get a Perfect Attendance award on the last day of elementary school. She stayed home sick.

I used to get White Sox tickets for perfect attendance. For me, that was a reward. Most kids would have considered it punishment.