Why do we eat "beef" and "pork" rather than "cow" and "pig"?

On the other hand, “Cow Wellington” sounds sorta bluesy.

Having been called it at times…

*Kat said *

That may be, and IANAF, but I grew up in dairy land (one of the main local restaurants is called The Dairy Capital :rolleyes: ) and all the people that I knew were quite strict about the distinction between male, female both before and after birthing the first time, and males that really aren’t any more.

The lack of distinction may be a city-slicker thing. One of my child hood friends lived on a farm that often hosted field trips from schools in the nearby city. After showing the kids some newly born calves, one child remarked, “where is the eggshell?”

That kid probably thinks that cows and bulls are the same thing too :slight_smile:

I love beef and pork !!!

Unles, IIRC, one’s doing that “free range” egg thing.

I wouldn’t have guessed it, but this thread is causing all kines of trouble.

My great-aunt Ivy, who lived to be 100, was a farmer most of her days. She referred to cattle as “beeves.” She was a Hoosier with Celtic roots.