Why do we sometimes stare off into space?

Have you ever found yourself staring off into space, and it seems that almost nothing can break the spell? I’ve even consciously realized I was doing it and continued to shuffle papers around (or whatever I was doing) without being able to (or perhaps wanting to) pull myself out of it.

What is this? Us kind of shutting down for a few seconds in order to rest? Boredom? Peace?

Any thoughts?

It is the human equivalent of the BSOD. God isn’t that great of a programmer.

Brain-lock. Like a process suddenly rises up and grabs 100% of your CPU, and then your brain has to chug along until you can do a kill-9 and resume normal operation.

You have entered a semi meditative state, enjoy it

Were you listenning to Joe Lieberman give a speech at the time? :slight_smile: